China is currently going through a major crisis as an explosive spike in Covid-19 cases across the country has baffled authorities, leading to overcrowding of hospitals and crematoriums. This Covid wave in China has been caused by the new BF.7 strain of the Omicron variant.

While experts in China warn that the majority of the country’s population could become infected with Covid during the impending wave of the pandemic, concerns about the spread of the virus are mounting in India as the central government issues different guidelines for the states. and announces UTs.

Many experts have warned that the new BF.7 strain of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus could prove deadly to many people, the experts in India have said the new strain should not cause panic in the country as many people have done herd immunity against the virus now.

Can the BF.7 variant cause destruction in India?

The BF.7 strain, a subline of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, is highly transmissible and one person can infect up to 18 people, according to experts. It has similar symptoms to other Covid variants such as cough, fever, cold, body aches and difficulty breathing.

While the BF.7 variant has wreaked havoc in China, experts in India believe there is “no need to panic” if proper precautions are taken when it comes to the spread of this highly transmissible Omicron strain.

Asked if a lockdown might be necessary in the coming days, former AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria: “Another outbreak of severe Covid cases and hospitalization is unlikely as the Indian population already has hybrid immunity due to very good vaccination coverage and natural infection. .”

Hybrid immunity means that many people in India have already become infected with the virus, making it unlikely that they will become infected again. Even if it does, the impact and symptoms are expected to be mild. According to experts, hybrid immunity was achieved when many Indians became infected during the Omicron wave of the pandemic.

The experts have said that if the government restrictions and guidelines are followed with due diligence, it could prevent the spread of the Omicron variant BF.7 strain in the country.

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