"When it comes to recovery time for COVID-19, every case is different," DeVries states. She explains that the speed of recovery can depend on numerous factors including one's health status, age, and the presence of any underlying health conditions. "Respiratory therapists have seen some patients recover within weeks, while others may take months or even longer to fully heal," DeVries tells Health Digest. "In severe cases, patients with long-term complications can even require ongoing treatment and rehabilitation."

DeVries goes on to note that some patients may continue to experience prolonged COVID-19 symptoms such as fatigue or shortness of breath after recovery. For this reason, DeVries encourages people to take precautionary measures to help lower their risk for infection. "The best way to protect ourselves and those around us is by following social distancing guidelines and wearing masks in public," she shares. Additionally, DeVries states that taking steps to keep our bodies healthy is another important way to safeguard against severe cases of infection. "Taking care of our health through exercise and a balanced diet can also strengthen our immune system to combat the virus," she concludes.

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