KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV/Gray News) – Two officers with the Kansas City Police Department rushed into action when a 1-month-old girl with RSV stopped breathing Thursday.

According to the police department, Officer Richard DuChaine and his partner, Officer Charles Owen, were called to a home where the infant was unable to breathe.

The officers arrived before EMS personnel and ran into the house to begin infant chest compressions and back thrusts.

The baby started breathing again and DuChaine turned her to the side while Owen checked for obstructions.

Two police officers rushed into life-saving mode Thursday and helped an infant who wasn’t breathing.

“She’s still on a breathing machine and stuff,” Kamiyah’s mom Tajanea Allen told KCTV. “I’d rather for her to be on it than to be anywhere else, that’s for sure.”

The officers, including her hero DuChaine, were able to visit Kamiyah in the hospital.

“Seeing that she’s OK, that she’s breathing -- that was the most rewarding part,” DuChaine said. “Just being able to see the baby again.”

“Richard DuChaine is a hero,” Allen said. “He saved my daughter’s life. I would do anything for that man. He saved my daughter and I’m very grateful for that.”

Kamiyah is stable and continues to improve each day.

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