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Happy Sunday to you all. You know, we're moving into a month of celebrating and maintaining wellbeing and longevity. Of course, all wellness and wellbeing begins and ends with our breath. It is amazing how we take for granted the 22,000 breaths a day we take—that's the average we take in daily. Can you believe that? You never think about it. So I was thinking, let's have a moment to say thank you for the 22,000 breaths that we take for granted. Thank you for each breath. Now, take a moment and do a little exercise with me: Take in a deep breath in through your nose and let your belly expand. Keep your hand on your abdomen, then exhale through your mouth. Okay? That's how you're supposed to do it. Your belly expands when you're taking it in and then you blow it out.

Many times, I will pause and recenter myself with three of those deep inhales and exhales. When we breathe with conscious effort as a part of a breathwork practice, the benefits are exacting. This is because doing breathwork decreases anxiety and stress and can help lower your blood pressure. It helps improve your digestion, your muscle function and everything really—the list goes on and on and on. Breathwork is so vital that we are making it the focus of this month's curriculum—which is launching on May 10.

Each month we do a different topic. Last month we did a deep dive into menopause. That was so rewarding because so many of you learned so much about that whole process. I thank all of you for engaging with that. For this next series, we enlisted breathwork expert Robert Litman, who has a brand new book called The Breathable Body. He will be sharing exercises to help us find peace of mind and peace of body through breathing. He is going to help us jumpstart a practice if you're new to breathwork or enhance what you're already doing. As he explains, as we age, our breath flows less freely—it is compromised by everything from fear to past traumas. His mission is to help us restore a healthy breathing rhythm, which brings awareness to your inner landscape and helps identify blocks and unprocessed traumas. I hope you'll join us on May 10th, and I hope you'll breathe easier this week. Go well.

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