Our Spotlight On series gives Red’s editors an opportunity to shine a light on brands they love and products they swear by. Here, Deputy Digital Editor Ciara McGinley gives put the Morphée sleep aid to the test and was seriously impressed with its sleep-inducing qualities.

Struggling to sleep? You’re not the only one. Research by Mental Health UK shows that one in five people in the UK aren’t getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Trouble nodding off can be down to a number of factors, such as health conditions, environmental changes and lifestyle factors including diet, exercise routine, tech consumption and more.

If you’ve tried everything, from investing in luxe silk bedding to CBD products, and had no luck, let us introduce you to Morphée: the expert-approved, science-backed sleep device that could be the answer to your sleepless nights.

I put it to the test to find out…

What is Morphée?

Founded in France by friends Charlie and Guillaume, Morphée was created in collaboration with specialists with one goal: to help you sleep better.

morphée sleep aid review


A combination of soothing sounds, guided meditations and relaxing music on a clock-style, screen-free device promote disconnection and meditation with the “sole intention of soothing [your] nights”. Dreamy.

Morphée – Meditation & Sleep Aid Device



Charlie and Guillaume spent two years researching and working with sophrologists, doctors and sleep centres on the device. And, it became a roaring success when it launched in France in 2018, before landing in the UK in 2020 at Amazon, Oliver Bonas and more.

According to the brand, over 300,000 people in Europe now use Morphée to manage anxiety, stress and insomnia. Since its launch, Charlie and Guillaume have also created My Little Morphée, specifically for children and Morphée Zen, a portable pebble-shaped device launching soon.

My Little Morphée



How does the Morphée work?

Morphée features over 200 meditation combinations, that last for a duration of either eight or 20 minutes and can be programmed to be delivered by a male or female voice. It’s charged via USB, the battery lasts for around seven days and it automatically turns off after the track has ended.

Using a simple three key system, there are eight categories and eight tracks within each category, with everything from body scans to breathing exercises and nature sounds to visualisations. Developed with the support of sleep specialists, all tracks were supervised and approved by sophrologist Florence Binay.

While it’s not all about looks with this device, the Morphée does make a chic addition to my nightstand with its beechwood cover and gold detailing. Plus, thanks to its compact design it’s travel-friendly, too. So you won’t have to sacrifice your meditation routine on the road.

As a mindfulness meditation teacher I’ve tested a lot of meditation products and sleep apps, but I’ve never come across anything like Morphée before. What I loved most about the sleep aid is that it’s digital-free. Removing blue light from the bedroom (a major distribution to sleep), it allowed me to totally switch off at nighttime and keep my space a phone-free zone.

Is the Morphée sleep aid worth it?

When I’m travelling, Morphée has been a saviour for helping me relax into my new surroundings, fall into the land of nod and, most importantly, stay asleep. It’s also been a welcome addition to my nighttime routine at home, helping to quieten the chatter of my busy mind in the evening and prepare my body for sleep.

If you’re someone who finds relaxing in the evening challenging, or who reaches for their phone to play a meditation track only to spend 20-minutes scrolling through Instagram (we’ve all been there), the Morphée device could be a worthy investment for your wellbeing.

I’ve already converted multiple family members and friends who battle with insomnia to the Morphée way of life.

There’s enough tracks and variations that it doesn’t feel repetitive but thanks to the similar themes and two practitioner’s voices it does feel familiar and comforting. However, if you like to listen to tracks by a range of teachers, this device might feel limiting.

Unlike with apps that are constantly updated with new meditations and practitioners, the Morphée comes with its full catalogue.

Although it’s been created specifically to support sleep, it’s a great all-rounder for encouraging relaxation and boosting wellbeing. Plus, the breathing exercises and visualisation meditations could easily be used within a morning or afternoon meditation practice, too.



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