Ashanty was rushed to the hospital due to bleeding. Bleeding after removing the spiral type contraceptive.

Because of this, Arsy’s mother was known to experience shortness of breath.

On The Hermansyah A6’s YouTube channel, Ashanty initially refused when his family urged him to go to the hospital to get proper treatment from a doctor.

However, when midnight came, Ashanty immediately felt short of breath. Of course this made her husband, Anang Hermansyah panic.

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The reason is, the singer could not sleep all night because he felt pain all over his body.

“It finally collapsed. It’s already the ninth day, right, if it’s been treated since yesterday. This isn’t due to a spiral effect anymore, in my opinion. Maybe the losses have accumulated, right, after losing the drop, it’s stressful taking care of it all yourself,” said Ashanty in video uploaded on The Hermansyah A6 YouTube channel, quoted Friday (10/2/2023).

The spiral contraceptive she has been using for the past seven years has made her body uncomfortable.

However, according to Ashanty, the symptoms of the pain she felt were an accumulation of everything she had experienced recently.

“Then all of a sudden I changed the spiral. After changing the spiral I had a cold, cough, lost my sense of feeling, my body ached all the time and I had a headache. But I have done PCR twice, not Covid. So, you really have to rest because maybe you were too tired yesterday,” he said.

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Ashanty also revealed the results of the examination from her doctor, she said that the doctor found an infection in her body. Moreover, the percentage of red blood cells decreased due to bleeding.

“If it’s just weakness, flu, and cough, I can still be at home, but this leads to a headache because I have a problem with meningitis, then after a headache, it’s full of tightness like being crushed,” said Ashanty.

“There is a bacterial infection, then the platelets go down. The case of using platelets goes down again. His Hb also drops because maybe he lost a lot of blood, so his Hb goes down,” he continued.

Another disease, namely anxiety, also made Ashanty’s health condition decrease after experiencing bleeding.

“I have a disease with anxiety, like panic, you know, if you’re in a small, tight room, elevator room, closed room like that,” he explained.


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