The rate of medical inflation is high and has been increasing rapidly, however, in the last two years it is mainly reflected in the prices of treatments for respiratory diseases resulting from the consequences of Covid-19, as Fernando Carvajal Pla considered it. , CEO of Midoconline in an interview with The Economist.

“Hospitalizations, some of the procedures, consultations with otolaryngologists, pulmonologists and other specialists, solutions such as pulmonary rehabilitation, MRIs and CT scans to check the lungs have increased dramatically,” he said.

Carvajal explained that one of the solutions to curb medical inflation and even reduce it is to modify the way the health industry operates, “instead of the industry being focused on a corrective process, which is where they generate most of the income. , we should have a preventive approach, for the benefit of the patient”.

Nowadays when we get sick, you self-medicate, you search a bit on the Internet and that is not optimal. “The best thing is to have a doctor available and consult him, but time and money is always a factor for everyone, going to the doctor is complicated, first they recommend one, then get an appointment, two or three days of waiting, prescribe, send you to carry out studies, it is a bit complex. We wanted a platform that provides immediate access, with a good level of care and service so that the diagnosis is as accurate and the treatment as effective as possible”.


Carvajal and his team were inspired by preventive medicine based on group consultations. “Many of the diseases are sometimes stress factors, in addition to the high rates of anxiety and depression, they make you more likely to get sick and aggravate other chronic degenerative diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and overweight, which have the health system collapsed” .

He said that about 80% of the diseases in Mexico develop in the respiratory tract due to climate changes, allergies, or due to intestinal diseases and urinary tract diseases, all of which can be resolved remotely when they are in an early stage, the immediacy plays a very important role and avoids a larger monetary outlay.

“Midoconline gives a boost, you have a doctor 24/7, a nutritionist, a psychologist and some other services. Individually, they can subscribe to the platform or those who need a specialist can pay directly for the consultation”.

On the platform, it can be seen that 40% of the consultations are therapies with psychologists, the other 40% with general medicine are respiratory tract ailments, airways and intestinal ailments, and 20% is covered by nutrition, which is where more work needs to be done. as it would avoid problems in the future.

“We are trying to democratize medicine, so that everyone can access a doctor immediately.”


“In May, we will launch the wellness program, on-demand online classes in different disciplines: yoga, fitness, meditation, cardio, it will have a low subscription cost, it will be seasonal to increase the intensity.

In three months, we will release the online pharmacy, we work with laboratories and pharmacies to be able to guarantee a better price, we would start with medicines focused on chronic diseases”, concluded Fernando Carvajal.

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