Avoid going into apnea, distribute the breath throughout the body, let the air enter correctly. If there isn’t one right breath for everyone, there is a wholesome, healthy way to breathe. In the next video of the series “Do Gymnastics with your doctor”, online from Monday 3 April, the breath therapist Silvia Biferale shows which exercises to do in order to fully benefit from the advantages of breathing.

“There is pulmonary respiration and then cellular respiration: every cell in our body breathes, from oxygen it obtains and stores the energy needed for each metabolic activity” he explains Angelo Guido Corsico, professor of Pneumology at the University of Pavia and head of Pneumology at the San Matteo polyclinic in Pavia. “To get the oxygen we need every day we have to introduce about 25,000 liters of air. The system must be efficient and this is helped by the activity of the nose which filters, humidifies and warms the air and of the cardio-vascular system which carries oxygen to each of our cells”.

Learning to breathe healthily helps us optimize this system.

“We are in a world that breathes: from the cells of our body to the planet that breathes through plants that release oxygen and consume carbon dioxide with chlorophyll synthesis. This implies respect and responsibility therefore, for example, do not smoke and try to pollute as little as possible the environment that surrounds us”, concludes the pulmonologist.

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