The KEM Hospital Research Centre Pune On Wednesday To raise awareness about respiratory conditions, we created a short film. The Financial support is provided by the NIHR for 15-minute films Global Health Research Unit In Respiratory Health (RESPIRE at the University Of Edinburgh, UK.

The Film is a story that targets rural audiences and aims to raise awareness on respiratory health. It focuses on COPD (chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and asthma. The Film also shows the importance of work at KEM’s pulmonary rehabilitation centre Vadu.

Dr Parag Khatavkar, chest physician, KEM Hospital Research CentreAccording to a study, respiratory diseases, particularly COPD and asthma, are some of the most misunderstood or underdiagnosed. The The film will raise awareness about the disease as well as its diagnosis.

The Film also attempts to dispel myths, misconceptions, and superstitions about the disease. It also tries to de-stigmatise inhalers and other similar treatments.

Diksha Singh KEM Hospital Research Centre The film’s producer, who also conceptualized and coordinated its production, said that the film would be shown in both urban and rural areas as well as posted on social media platforms. The The film will also screen in the waiting rooms of OPDs for general and chest departments, private chest clinics, and study clinics at The Vadu Programme for rural health.

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