During the festival of Diwali, pollution increased in the state including Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: During the festival of Diwali, the level of pollution has increased in the state including Ahmedabad. Due to which there has been a sudden surge in cases of breathing problems. More than 400 people had difficulty breathing due to some reason including pollution. Due to the bridging problem in the city during the festivities, the ring of 108 emergency services kept ringing continuously.

108 received more than 400 calls of respiratory distress

This time there was one more day after Diwali day i.e. padar day. Due to this, a situation like double Diwali was seen. It may be mentioned that, on Diwali and the following days, 108 Ambulance Emergency Service received more than 400 calls of respiratory distress. 223 calls were received on the day of Diwali and 215 calls were received on the second day of Diwali. People who had trouble breathing. They were shifted to the hospital for treatment.

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Difficulty breathing due to exposure to pollution

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Apart from this, on the days of Diwali, there is shopping atmosphere in all major cities and small towns of the state including Ahmedabad. Due to which the traffic problems have increased. Pollution from the increased traffic combined with smoke from the double-day Diwali crackers and other air pollution left many people with breathing problems. Air quality index was seen high during Diwali festival in big cities including Ahmedabad. Asthma disease worsens due to such air pollution. The pollution caused by firecrackers often causes serious problems in the breathing of the common man.

Exposure to pollution causes bronchial infections

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Besides this, changing seasons are also a reason for pollution. Allergies can also increase due to colored and essence substances used in food on festive days. According to medical experts, the function of the lungs is to mix the oxygen in the air in the body into the blood and to throw out the carbon dioxide produced in the metabolic process of the body. In asthma, whenever the patient is exposed to allergens or pollution, the bronchi become infected and this causes the bronchi to become inflamed and constricted.

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If you already have asthma, it is necessary to consult a doctor

Notably, due to this contraction and swelling, there is not enough space for air exchange, i.e., breathing space, and this causes difficulty in breathing. If we talk about the symptoms seen in the asthma patient, continuous coughing, difficulty in breathing, sound like whistling in the lungs. Symptoms include watery nose and eyes and constant sneezing and sometimes fever. Those who already have asthma or experience severe symptoms should consult a doctor immediately.

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