Masala King Dhananjay Datar, a philanthropist and an ardent supporter of social welfare projects, attended the program and donated oxygen kits to 5 such patients who regularly need oxygen but can’t afford the expenses. Each kit included an oxygen concentrator to supply oxygen at home, a portable oxygen machine to supply oxygen for a few hours in travel or outside home and a Pulse Oximeter to check the oxygen saturation level in blood.

Dhananjay Datar said, “My mother, in her last days, suffered from a pulmonary ailment and couldn’t draw breath properly. I couldn’t bear her pain and struggle. Even today, I feel restless when I see such patients who are in dire need of oxygen, but can’t afford an oxygen supply instrument. During the Covid pandemic, many patients died without getting oxygen in time and some could not even reach the hospital in time due to unavailability of ambulance. We, therefore, financially supported a unique drive called ‘Rickshaw Ambulance’ where an auto-rickshaw equipped with an oxygen cylinder can be utilised as an ambulance. Today’s donation was a small token of our help and we will endeavour to help many more such patients in future.”

The program was co-ordinated by Dr. Poorvi Devani, who has experience in treatment and rehabilitation of patients of pulmonary diseases. She said that the patients of pulmonary diseases could live a normal and healthy life with positive thinking, right treatment, disciplinary life and regular exercise, along with counselling and rehabilitation to lead a happy life.

Dr. Prahlad Prabhudesai and his wife Vaishali Prabhudesai, the founders of Pratibha Prabhakar Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centre, acquainted the audience with the activities and social work of the centre. Dr. Prabhudesai said, “It is important to live a healthy life and for that everyone should understand the necessity of maintaining health, adopting right lifestyle and realising the value of a breath.”

Dr. Sheilja Sing, Consultant Physician and Lifestyle Consultant, also delivered a lecture on the subject ‘Emotional Well-Being and its Impact on Health’.

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