Everyone’s health journey is unique. Yet all can benefit from learning how to breathe more, and breathe right! This is Adiel Gorel, owner of ICG’s mission. Register now. FREE All-Access Pass to the Life 201 Summit on Breathing. icgre.com/breathing-summit

Breathing right is a hot subject in households across the planet. The phrase everyone is repeating to calm themselves is: “just keep breathing”. Yet, despite how common the cultural conversation about breathing right is, most people improperly breathe. Huge populations of people breathe shallowly. In fact, it is estimated that more than 70% of people don’t breathe right.

Adiel Gorel, owner of ICG and public speaker at companies such as Facebook, Intel, and Stanford University is hosting a free Life 201 Event. Register here icgre.com/breathing-summit and learn from top experts in the field of breathing.

There will be ten world-renowned experts such as Dr. Nathan Bryan, who will get to the heart of the matter during the summit. He’ll be speaking about the myriad benefits of nitric oxide also known as the miracle molecule. Much of what can be accomplished for improving health is linked to nitric oxide levels and can be improved by breathing right. The critical role nitric oxide, the Miracle Molecule, plays in people’s overall health will amaze. Get this! Breathing right is easily accomplished through something as simple as humming. Humans have been instinctually humming to feel better for millennia, ironically millions are humming the “Just Keep Breathing” song by Ariana Grande these days. Join in. It’s healthy. Hear exactly why and how science backs up the instinct to hum at the Breathing Summit.

“Breathing, we do it over 22,000 times a day. Breathing is life-sustaining. Yet we stop breathing right during times of stress, such as during a pandemic that affects our ability to just keep breathing. Well, when our breathing is off, most of us freeze. At the Breathing Summit, you’ll find there is so much you can do.” -Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group

At the Breathing Summit, NY Times Best Selling Author and Journalist, Author of “Breath”, James Nestor will expound on breathing through the nose and the intricate and specialized network behind the nose made explicitly for breathing right.

It’s simple. Breathing right through the nose provides the body with more nitric oxide which has so many benefits including, helping dilate and constrict blood vessels. This can improve blood pressure and therefore heart health, blood pressure regulation, cardiovascular health, mitochondria production, calcium transport, oxidative stress, and skeletal muscle repair can all be improved with the improvement of breathing right.

“I actually started taping my mouth at night, so as to make sure I breathe through my nose, years ago and it has made such a difference in my health.” -Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group

Patrick McKeown, World Authority on Asthma, Breathing & Sleep, Author of “The Oxygen Advantage” will also be speaking at the Breathing Summit on Air hunger. Air hunger is a healthy stressor that, when done right, can improve breathing and result in better health overall. It is a sensation of a strong urge to breathe or a feeling of breathlessness. McKeown will expound on the ins and outs of Air Hunger.

Amongst the many experts on breathing right, Dr. Erlene Chiang will expound on Qi Gong, the traditional Chinese system that has its roots in Chinese traditional medicine, philosophy, and martial arts. It consists of coordinated movements and body postures that also combine meditation and breathing techniques to improve health and keep breathing right.

If a person can start breathing right, the way humans are meant to, there’s little that cannot be conquered. Adiel Gorel believes that attendees are sure to find ways to overcome life challenges and live well at the Breathing Summit. Don’t miss out! Join now by clicking here icgre.com/breathing-summit

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