These days, anxiety and stress have become an inseparable part of life, feeding on peace of mind and disrupting the emotional equilibrium.

We all in different age groups, genders have different kind of stress and anxieties. For example, the grown-ups stress of performance and making two ends meet and the want of more. For senior citizens, stress of ailments, and wanting to be better and normal.

For children burden of study, exams and results. They are constantly reeling under pressure. There are many factors that make them stressful and anxious – the constant need to perform better, get higher grades, outperform their previous records, match up with their siblings’ caliber and meet their parents’ expectations.

Stress is nothing but just absence of creative imagination.

So how does one cope with such stressful and anxious moments? One thing you ought to understand and accept the reality is that as students you have done your best and exams are not the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of life. Also, you must realize how anxiety disrupts your mental, physical and emotional equilibrium. It turns your life upside-down!  It creates constriction of our biology which results into constipation, lack of sleep and fear that obstructs performance further. Would you like to treat your body with such toxic reactions?

The simplest way to deal with stress and anxiety is to practice Yoga, which is the mother principle of absolute equilibrium. Practice mindful breathing by focusing on your breath as you breathe in air through the nose and remain focused as you exhale the air from the mouth.

Practice yoga asanas such as Bhujangasana, Viprit karani, Balasana and Dynamic Paschimottanasana to release your anxiety. Double Pavanmuktasana also works wonders. With Yoga and breathing you circulate, you oxygenate and that gives you confidence, clarity and courage.The movements of Yoga along with breathing techniques will help you get relief from mounting stress and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Never let anxiety cloud your happiness. Nip it in the bud and start inculcating lifestyle changes such as increasing your social group, adopting meditation, yoga and exercises as a way of life! Never let your anxiety blow up to such proportions that it starts requiring medical interventions.

Mingling with natural elements, breathing in fresh air, meditation during sunrise, practicing of anulom-vilom before bedtime- all these will help you to empty the mind of its clutter and make you feel refreshed and revitalized with positive thoughts. Practice Mindlesness… This way you can face any challenging situations calmly, especially your exam results!

Anxiety Neutralized… Life Mickeymized!!!


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