The Carl Rogers Institute of Mental Health & School Counselling in collaboration with National Mental Health Program, Health & Family Welfare department, will be holding, “Stress Management Week” in Kohima from Monday to Friday.
The first on the series of events was held at Mt. Hermon Hr. Sec. School, Kohima where Anupam Kohli, a resource person from the institute spoke to the teachers while and chairman of the institute, Kezhazolie Mere, had an interaction with the students on how to manage stress.
Kezhazolie shared details about the different types of stress and different physical symptoms of stress.
He gave instructions on how to manage stress in the three primary areas including mind, body and action.
He also mentioned about a few exercises that the one could implement such as in breathing exercises, cognitive reframing, talking to a friend, therapist etc.
Anupam spoke to the teachers that at every stage in life, there were some amounts of stress that one experiences.
“Most people say that stress was bad instead of good, however stress could both be good and bad”, he said. He pointed out that stress drives a person to do something good, motivates them to work harder as long as they know how to manage it.
He mentioned about two ways to take a time out, where one is a healthy mindless “me-time” which includes things to do with pleasurable activities that helps one to feel completely relaxed.
The second one was mindful “me-time” including introspection.
Both the resource persons also mentioned about two types of stress one was ‘eustress’ which was positive stress and ‘distress’ which was the stress that goes unmanaged and uncontrolled resulting in different problems.
As part of the week-long event, the team will be visiting Govt Middle School T. Khel, North Field School, Baptist Hr Sec School and Police Headquarters in the coming days.

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