If you are feeling like you are overwhelmed and need a fast way of calming down from stress, don’t worry because there are some things you can do and they aren’t that hard.

Stress can come in different forms. Stress can gradually build with time or it can come in a moment and then go in the next. There is a good type of stress known as eustress, which can be good unless it becomes chronic or too intense. If you have chronic stress, there are some practices you can use when managing stress over the long term.

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When you have a lot of stress, you feel overwhelmed, and most of the time it sneaks up on you. When you need to relax your body and mind, use the following easy strategies and you will notice you are calming down. It makes it easy for you to deal with the situation you are facing.

Taking a short walk

Exercise is a great way of relieving stress because it releases endorphins and blow-off steam. You don’t have to do it for long, just five or five minutes of walking is enough to give you the benefits. You can go outside and take a walk because it is even better for your body and mind.

You can have social support during the walk by bringing a good friend along. Walking alone is also good because you have time to think, reframe, then come back to deal with the situation with renewed optimism. You can also try music that energizes or soothes you.

You are going to get the benefits of exercise when you take a walk – both the long-term and short-term benefits – and as a bonus, it is going to get out of the situation temporarily. You are going to get a new perspective in the process and you will return with a different frame of mind.

Breathing deeply

If it is not possible to leave where you are, then use breathing exercises to feel better right away. When you get more oxygen into your body and release physical tension it helps. Breathing is going to do that. The good thing is you can do this anywhere at any time, even if the situation is not letting up.

If you want to make deep breathing even more soothing, then close your eyes and press your palms like when people are praying.

Visualizing relief

If you can get a few minutes of peace, guided imagery and visualization are something you need to try. It can help you get peace of mind. You can easily do them and you will relax physically and mentally. If you keep practicing, it is going to be easier to access your “happy place” and feel calmer.

Reframing your situation

There are times when people intensify their experience of stressful situations by how they look at them. If you manage to look at the situation differently, then it is easier to look at it from a different perspective – especially one that is going to result in less stress.

Emotional and mental stress can be caused by type A traits, pessimism, and self-sabotaging thoughts. You should try changing how you look at things. It is going to really help you when you are feeling stressed.

Relax your muscles

PMR or progressive muscle relaxation is a great technique that involves tensing and releasing all your muscle groups, which leaves you feeling more relaxed. Everyone can do this, and with enough practice, you can find it easier to release any tension in a body in just a few seconds. This will make you feel calmer and ready to handle any situation you are facing. 

Sniff something soothing

Aromatherapy has become an easy tool people use when they want to calm down. There are many studies that have been done showing that aromatherapy has many benefits. There is a wide range, with a good example being lavender. It has been associated with decreased depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue in people with cardiovascular diseases. Light up a diffuser or candle, enjoy the aroma and see how calm you start to get. 

Writing it down

Journaling is another tool to use if you have a few minutes. Journal has been shown to work when it comes to reducing psychological distress. Take the time to note down what is causing your stress at the moment and put your emotions on the page. 

Drinking some water

Dehydration is going to make you feel thirsty, tired, and dizzy. If you are feeling overwhelmed, get a glass of water. You can brew yourself a stress-relieving cup of tea because it will allow you to take a step away from what is causing your stress. 

Chew gum

Do you have gum nearby? Chewing gum can help in reducing stress. If you have not given this a try, then consider keeping a stash of your favorite flavor and chewing it any time you are feeling stressed. Try it and see if it works for you.

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