These days, people are experiencing stress like never before. While some stress is normal, too much can have serious health consequences for adults and children. Fortunately, students who take part in programs at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts can better reduce their stress levels in meaningful ways.


Martial Arts Training Is an Outlet

Destructive therapy is a method of using physical activity to release pent-up stress and negative emotions. In martial arts training, you get the chance to do this every time you are in front of a punching bag or facing an opponent. There’s just no better way to get rid of frustration and negative energy. After an intense class, you’ll notice that the stress you’ve been carrying around in your muscles has diminished. You will be in a great frame of mind to return to everyday life and constructively deal with any adverse situations.


You’ll Increase Your Focus

When it comes to stress, your ability to focus has a more significant impact than you might realize. Lack of focus can make it difficult for you to complete essential tasks. Then you end up behind schedule and struggling to catch up and of course, falling behind increases your stress levels and frustration, making it even more challenging to focus. This hopeless cycle is disrupted when you engage in martial arts training. In the dojo, everything else disappears. You are focused on listening to the instructor, perfecting your techniques, and being mindful of your body. As your ability to focus improves in class, you will notice that it improves for the rest of your life.


Martial Arts Helps You Counteract the Physical Impacts of Stress

Stress can cause fat buildup, headaches, digestive issues, chest pains, and sleep issues. The long-term physical impacts of a stressful life are something that everybody should take seriously. Fortunately, martial arts training can serve as a perfect foil for this. It improves cardiovascular health, increases endurance, and releases hormones that reduce stress. Also, your achievements through training at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts can boost your self-esteem and increase your motivation.


You’ll Develop Better Breathing Techniques

Breathing matters. The way you breathe impacts your ability to perform and how you feel. Even small breathing changes caused by stress can make you feel physically ill and increase that awful feeling of panic. Fortunately, these symptoms can be mitigated if you know how to regulate your breathing. Through martial arts, you can learn valuable breath control techniques. These methods can be applied to stressful situations to help you center yourself, retain a feeling of control, and work through whatever you are facing.


Who Is Tiger Schulmann?

Established in 1984 by Daniel “Tiger” Schulmann, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts is the largest martial arts school in the US. With more than 45 locations in the United States, TSMA has helped thousands of men, women, and children reach their full potential while meeting a variety of personal goals. With skill levels ranging from complete beginner to professional competitors, Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts teaches the most effective self-defense techniques — a combination of boxing, muay thai, wrestling and jiu-jitsu. But TSMA teaches more than self-defense. Every one of Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts Schools strives to provide an alternative form of physical fitness while instilling life lessons and personal development.


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