Google Play Store announced what are the best apps and games in its Best of Play 2022 awards. The event featured everything from special apps for tablets to video games made for a huge variety of devices and platforms.

The winners were chosen by the Google Play editorial team, with the exception of those who were victorious in the “User’s Choice”.

The winners stand out for being very varied, there are action video games that offer a lot of fun, but applications that are intended for productivity were also awarded. Here we will review the best apps and games that shone in the award for having a first-rate experience.

Best Apps

There was a bit of everything, from fun apps to platforms whose goal is to offer psychological help to users. Here the complete list:

– Wombo: a Canadian image manipulation app that was released in 2021.

–PetStar: capable of creating montages with the face of the user’s pet to generate funny music videos.

– Breathwrk: It is used to relieve stress through breathing exercises.

-Glority: helps care for plants, indicates what disease it might have, the type of plant, the light control it requires and much more.

–Recover Athletics: Its objective is to solve aches and pains that come from injuries. It has the support of recognized doctors around the world.

– Stigma: focused on the mental health of users by creating safe spaces for people to talk about the problem they are facing.

– Todoist: a virtual agenda that serves to organize the day to day from the comfort of the mobile.

– Pocket: collects the content that the person receives throughout the workday. Save stories, news, messages, articles, notes, etc.

–BandLab: allows you to create and share music, it also has tools to edit, record and mix tracks.

best games

–Apex Legends: a Battle Royale Free To Play that stands out for its highly polished gameplay on mobiles.

– Dislyte: we come to an urban mythological RPG title with a large number of heroes, powers and weapons.

– Angry Birds Journey: a classic, you have to launch the birds to bring down the towers and solve the puzzles that are hidden.

– Dicey Dungeons: the player embodies a giant dice with feet who fights a bunch of enemies to reach the end of a changing dungeon.

–Papers, Please: This game is unusual because it is a document control thriller where you have to regulate the immigration process.

– Genshin Impact: It is an action role-playing video game with a huge open world, something never seen before on mobile phones.

–Very Little Nightmares: stands out for being a challenging adventure and puzzle title where you have to overcome many obstacles to pass the level.

– Tower of Fantasy: Award-winning for being a shared open-world MMORPG with an engaging sci-fi-focused story.

-Roblox: It could be described as a complete universe where millions of players coexist in order to share experiences and create their own virtual universe.

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