Physical,Emotional,Social and Spiritual. 


Physical self care has a crucial role in taking care of our bodies and even our minds.It can boost our health and well-being by improving our self esteem, mood and sleep. It can also drastically decrease your risk of stress, protect your heart and make you feel happier. Physical self care doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or waking up at 5:am to go exercise. It can be relaxing and help you learn more about yourself. Some great examples of this are yoga, dancing, getting a good nights sleep, giving your body the right nutrients needed through food and keeping hydrated, and even just breathing.Molly Gault said she loves taking long walks through the park whilst listening to music as it helps her clear her head and give time to herself.


Emotional self care is taking care of our feelings and mood and noticing the effect that they have on ourselves. Being mindful of our feelings is really important as it can induce healthy habits which become a healthy lifestyle. Journaling is a really good example of emotional self care as it is an easy and quick way of tracking your mood and can be kept to yourself. It’s also good to clear your head and you can actually learn about yourself and how to improve your quality of life from what you write. You could also fulfil new hobbies which you are interested in and incorporate these into your day to day lives to increase your happiness. “Every morning I do five minutes of meditation” said Abigail Smart. “It really helps me get into the right mindset before I start my day”.


Social self care is very important to everyone on the planet. As Humans, we need this interaction with each other to live! Keeping up with social self care can help us fight away loneliness, depression and anxiety. This form of self care can be as little as playing with a pet. Sometimes all we need is to see a friendly face and it can have a huge effect on our well-being. You could meet up with a friend, hug your family or even join a club or an activity and meet new people. The list is endless. Olivia Richardson loves to meet up with her friends to catch up. “It’s a great way to connect with someone”.


The last component is Spiritual self care. This form of self care helps to keep you calm and feel connected with yourself. This is very important to becoming the best version of you that you can be. Spiritual self care can have huge benefits on you, including keeping you feeling empowered and giving you motivation. This can be practiced by spending time alone, meditating in the morning and feeling connected with a sacred place or nature. Chloe La Hood said she likes to go on walks and just observe and appreciate the nature around her. 


Self care is crucial to living a happy and meaningful life.

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