Employee mental health is fast becoming the new business frontier.

This is because happy employees are more productive, according to numerous studies.

A recent survey of 3 400 people in 10 countries by UKG’s Workforce Institute revealed that 60% of workers worldwide said their job was the biggest factor affecting their mental health.

According to the study, 43% of employees said they were exhausted, while 78% said stress negatively affected them.

If you are among these workers, here are some apps which may improve your mental health:

Headspace’s mission is to ‘’improve the health and happiness of the world’’, which feels like a daunting task. The app claims to use science-backed meditation techniques and various mindfulness tools, which can reduce stress by 14% within just 10 days.

The Panda mental health mobile app aims to make mental healthcare accessible to everyone by providing education and tools to increase resilience and reduce stigma.

The app aims to improve team culture and overall employee well-being with concepts such as the Panda Forest, where you can receive group coaching to address concerns in your organisation.

Some medical aid programmes, like Fedhealth, are offering free access to the Panda app for all their members, where people can complete screening assessments and contact a mental health expert.

Worry Watch
According to World Health Organisation research from 2022, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a 25% increase in anxiety and depression worldwide, with young people and women being the most affected. As a result, anxiety must be managed proactively in your life.

Worry Watch is an app that can assist you in this endeavour. The app can help improve sleep, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being by utilising various techniques such as anxiety journalling, mood tracking and positive affirmations.

This app, as the name implies, uses the power of deep breathing exercises to reduce stress.

Proper (diaphragmatic) breathing is one of the most basic tools we have for stress management, yet so few people do it on a daily basis.
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