Anxiety Attack: Stress can also be fatal?...

Sometimes chest pain, difficulty in breathing and feeling dizzy in extreme anger or stress is never normal. Actually, this is a sign of an anxiety attack. Very few people would know that anxiety attack is also fatal. That's why it is important that you must know the signs and causes of anxiety attacks.

Staying in tension or anxiety is the cause of many physical problems and if it is not taken care of on time, it becomes the reason not only for depression but also for anxiety attacks. Being worried can be a sign of anxiety disorder and poor mental health.

What are the reasons for an anxiety attack?

Stress is the only reason behind anxiety attacks. Excess stress is very dangerous and sometimes such attacks occur when the level of stress is suddenly high. Adrenal fatigue is behind the anxiety attack. Whenever there is physical or emotional stress, the adrenal glands produce stress hormones such as cortisol. This hormone brings anxiety attacks. These attacks are more common in those who have been suffering from depression, loss or breakup for a long time.

Recognizing an anxiety attack or panic attack


A feeling of something stuck in the throat

Pain in chest



Numbness of hands and feet,

Extreme anger

Fast heartbeat

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