When it comes to sleeping, it is important to have adequate sleep to stay healthy and active.

There are many problems associated with wrong sleeping habits but correct sleeping position plays an important factor to determine health of a person.

Sleeping on the back is one of the healthiest posture to sleep in and it has many benefits.

Below I have shared some of the healthy benefits and reasons you should sleep on your back other than any other posture;

1. It keeps your spine aligned

When one sleep on his or her back, it reduces problems related to spine deformities.

2. It reduces neck and back pain

Sleeping on your back reduces pressure on your neck.

This makes the body straight and aligned reducing chances of back pain, neck pain and strains.

3.improves breathing

When one lie down straight on your back, you give your diaphragm proper space for ventilation and movement.

Having a smooth breathing reduces stress, improves mood of a person and attention.

It also support relaxation, improves sleep and increases nervous response in the body.

4. Relieves sinus-build up

When you sleep on your back, you keep your heart elevated above your chest which helps in relief from congestion and prevent clogging of nasal passage.

This sleeping position helps drain the mucus away and clears your nostrils and air passage which reduces sinus build up and also aids acids reflux problems.

5. Prevents headaches

By sleeping in this position, it reduce pressure from your head and keeps it in stable position.

This allows taking pressure and stress out of your head thus preventing certain types of headaches.

Headaches like cervicogenic headaches that are caused because of routed cervical spine are relieved by sleeping on your back.

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