If you are feeling anxious, yoga and meditation can be your best friend. It has been scientifically proven that yoga can do wonders for our physical as well as mental health. From reducing stress and anxiety, to enhancing your mood, boosting immunity, and helping in overall wellbeing, yoga can be beneficial.

As such, Yoga trainer, Aditi Zawar, sharing her struggle with anxiety also shared some easy yoga poses that can help reduce anxiety and stress. Yoga, meditation, visualisation, and focusing on breathing can help with letting go of worry and fear. The overall practice of yoga can elicit the relaxation response, allowing both the body and mind to gain a sense of calm and ease,” she captioned the post.

She began her yoga session with Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend. In this pose, one has to stand bending forward while touching both toes. As per the Yoga Journal, “Standing Forward Bend calms the brain and helps relieve stress. This pose also stimulates the liver and kidneys, and stretches the hamstrings, calves, and hips.”

The trainer then switched to a seated forward bend wherein she practiced the same pose as Uttanasana while sitting. This pose can help in stretching the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings.

Post that she demonstrated the puppy pose, or Uttana Shishosana wherein she lifted her hips high up toward the ceiling while placing her chest on the floor and bending her back. She then demonstrated reclined butterfly pose wherein she practiced the butterfly pose while laying down. According to Healthline, this pose can “help loosen up your low back, hips, and inner thighs, which may ease discomfort and help you feel better overall.”

She then did Pratyahara or commonly known as the legs up the wall pose wherein she lifted her legs straight up against the wall while placing her arms in a comfortable position. She suggested that one can practice the above asanas for 12-14 breaths each.

“Take deep breaths and focus on the breath when you experience the symptoms,” she added.

While sharing her journey with anxiety issues, she said, “Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety at some point. I have had severe anxiety for more than six months a while ago.” Recalling her symptoms she informed that “from mild nerves to sheer panic, anxiety is a natural response to stressful situations.”

“Daily attacks, intermittent panic, fight/flight survival response, urgent fear and unignorable physical symptoms,” are also manifestations of anxiety.

The way a person wants to be treated at the time of an anxiety attack can vary. She explained that while some people feel breathless and want to be alone, some want to be around their loved ones during this time. 

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