HOLD YOUR BREATH: Ruth Ashworth from Dudley is a dedicated in-school breath coach

School children of Red Hall Primary School are now practicing scientifically proven breath exercises to help them improve concentration and focus, manage stress and anxiety, and feel calmer and happier in the classroom.

They are leading the way, as a growing number of school children across the UK are reaping the benefits of practicing breathwork techniques as part of the school day.

Ruth Ashworth from Dudley, West Midlands, has been a primary school teacher for over 20 years and noticed an exponential rise in stress and anxiety within her classroom since March 2020.

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Knowing the positive effects a regular breath practice can bring can have on physical and mental wellbeing, she undertook a training course to become a dedicated in-school breath coach, with School Breathe CIC, the UK’s first breathwork programme for schools. Ruth teaches daily breath exercises to her class.

She said: “With many children having dysfunctional breathing habits, it’s paramount they learn to breathe well from an early age. The school breathe exercises are enjoyable, easy to learn, with scientifically proven results.

"They allow children to gain an understanding of how they breathe, and the affect this can have on the way they feel.

"I use paced breath exercises to help children focus, slow breath techniques to help them feel calm, and specific techniques for children who may be feeling upset or angry. There’s a breath exercise to help children cope in any stressful scenario.”


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