Offering research and evidence-based programs to solve root causes of society’s most serious problems, Project Welcome Home Troops continues to impact the lives of veterans through Project Welcome Home Troops.

A recent study titled Randomised clinical non-inferiority trial of breathing-based meditation and cognitive processing therapy for symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in military veterans was conducted to test the efficacy of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) for treating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the study, SKY may be non-inferior to CPT for treating symptoms of PTSD and merits further consideration as a treatment for PTSD. In a related development, the SKY Meditation from the IAHV offers researched and evidence-based programs to solve root causes of society’s most serious problems – allowing Human Values to flourish again worldwide including Power Breath Meditation Workshop and SKY-inspired Project Welcome Home Troops substantiating this claim.

“For years now, the veterans I work with have expressed that they are seeking healing modalities for posttraumatic stress that do not require taking pharmaceuticals and all the unwanted side effects they can bring. In the space of a five-session Project Welcome Home Troops workshop, we observe the incredible transformations in each veteran. On the physiological level, their sleep improves, stress reduces, and many can better manage pain from injuries by simply using simple but effective breathing tools. On the mental and emotional level, their emotions become more regulated, and anxiety decreases, their perception of themselves and how they relate to past traumas and stressors shift, and the painful memories become more resolved and occupy less of their head space. They can responsively greet life’s trials from a more centered space rather than reactive. One of the most profound experiences for many veterans during a workshop is discovering they are not alone and that others experience what they do. There is relief and healing in the fellowship of those who served.” – Leslye Moore, National Director, Project Welcome Home Troops.

Project Welcome Home Troops, an IAHV (International Association for Human Values Initiative) was founded to improve the quality of life for veterans and their families, offering proven techniques for general wellness. The program’s Power Breath Meditation workshop has achieved tremendous feats in a relatively short while, transforming the lives of people by restoring wellbeing, mental focus, and a renewed sense of connection and purpose through powerful techniques. Project Welcome Home Troops has worked with several organizations, serving military installations, Veterans Affairs Hospitals, Vet Centers, universities, and communities in different parts of the United States.

“I finished the workshop again only two days ago…suicide is a predominant theme among the veterans and family members who attend this course. I can now say, five years post-learning of the Power Breath, that suicide is thankfully not something I deal with regularly anymore. But my heart was breaking every session when my fellow members shared about their ongoing struggles. Project Welcome Home Troops is truly saving lives. And I can say this because you saved mine.” Laura Knoll – USAF.

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