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Pelham Art Center is offering a series of “Healing Arts” workshops Sundays in July!

The workshop series is geared toward adults and ages 10+ to learn about & experience the many benefits of stretching, breathing exercises, sound, and meditation. All sessions are guided by Samantha Richardson: certified yoga instructor, health & wellness adviser, and owner of S&S Health and Wellness LLC.

Samantha takes a gentle and loving approach in her classes, making these workshops perfect for beginners or any level. By the end of each session, participants will see a noticeable reduction in stress and tension, a heightened sense of bodily awareness and freedom, and overall relaxation of body and mind. Workshops take place in the gallery Sundays 3:00-4:00pm and are $30/$27 members per session.

Participants can sign up for a singular session or register for the entire series by visiting Pelham Art Center's website or by phone at (914) 738-2525 x. 111

Workshop Dates are as follows:

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Unlock tension and relieve stress with breath and flowing movements, while gently cultivating strength and flexibility in the muscles and core.

Stretch away stress and anxiety, and invite awareness and integrity into the body with the support of a chair. This class is designed to especially benefit the spine and take strain off of the joints.

Find out what’s happening in Pelhamwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Focus the mind and let go of stress with breathing exercises, meditation & sound healing using singing bowls. These practices will help quiet the mind and clear blockages, opening pathways to peace and healing.

Connect into the deep layers of the body, heart, and mind with this slow paced style of yoga in which stretching poses are held for greater lengths of time, unleashing tension and stagnant energy.

Pelham Art Center will continue & expand their Healing Arts series in 2023, with additional Sunday programming centered around sharing healing modalities and soothing art practices as a community.

If you are a healing arts practitioner interested in volunteering for 2023 programs at Pelham Art Center, please contact [email protected]

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