Take a break (Picture: Pixel Artworks)

Feeling stressed, anxious and generally burnt out from work?

An immersive exhibition opening in London next week could be just the break you need from the daily grind.

A mindfulness pop-up is due to open on Tottenham Court Road on Monday July 25, to ease stressed commuters.

Aptly named ‘Room to Breathe,’ the experience is based on the science of ‘box-breathing’ and how it can reduce anxiety.

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Essentially, the new pop-up has been brought about in response to the 4×4 breathing technique – with the idea of giving people a rhythm to breathe to, and to encourage meditation.

Something workers can then use in their busy day-to-day lives.

The sensory experience promises soothing light and visual cues of rolling clouds, calm skies and the sun – all of which mimic calmer breathing patterns.

There will also be original music, written by Matthew Wilcock, designed to guide city workers on breathing in, holding, and breathing out – using the four-second breathing technique.

The mindfulness pop-up (Picture: Pixel Artworks)
It’s opening next week (Picture: Pixel Artworks)

Room to Breathe will take place in Outernet London’s NOW Trending building, opposite exit 4 from Tottenham Court Road station – with showings at 11am-12pm, 2-3pm and 7-8pm daily.

The sessions are also totally free and open to all ages – plus there’s no need to reserve a space, simply drop by.

Jayne Cox, a leading trauma and anxiety consultant, says: ‘Anxiety and stress often changes the way we breathe, with our breath often becoming rapid and shallow, resulting in heightened anxiety and becoming “stuck” in a state of fight or flight. 

‘Learning and regularly implementing a simple breathing technique reduces anxiety by helping us to have more control over our breath. Once learnt, these techniques become a “tool” that support us anywhere, whether we are on the move or at home.’

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