High temperatures facilitate dilation of blood vessels and dehydration. It is discussed in the Corriere Salute on newsstands on Thursday 21 July

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That of low pressure a problem that, especially at this time of year, we hear about often. The In fact, high temperatures favor a lowering of blood pressure which can make itself felt with a multitude of symptoms. Fortunately, unlike the more insidious and widespread hypertension, there ishypotension is not a cardiovascular risk factor and, in general, with simple precautions, it is possible to limit the discomfort.

What causes low blood pressure?

The pressure values ​​are not usually constant, but the expression of our specific needs, so they change according to what we are doing – he begins Alberto Cremonesi, head of the Cardiovascular Department of the Humanitas Gavazzeni Institute, Bergamo -. In most cases, low blood pressure values ​​are a constitutional feature and well tolerated. However, sometimes, when the pressure drops, very annoying disturbances can appear. If these episodes are occasional and perhaps linked to particular circumstances, for example the summer heat, there is no need to worry. High temperatures favor, in fact, dilation of blood vessels and dehydration, both of which lower blood pressure. But if the phenomenon recurs frequently, it is better to have a medical check-up because hypotension can also be the alarm bell of an underlying disease, from diabetes a thyroid dysfunction.

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