urnout is classified as “a state of physical and emotional exhaustion, a manifestation of chronic stress, that is typically caused by prolonged exposure to stressors”. Sound familiar? This stress manifests in different ways for us all and for me it hits like a summer storm — sudden and sharp. As a mum, spa designer, social animal and serial entrepreneur, I know a thing or two about burning the candle at both ends.

I have been tired for as long as I can remember but lately my anxiety levels are at a record high. Running-on-fumes, my Oura Ring confirms the eye rubbing, grey-looking extreme level of knackeredness I’m feeling. The remedy: celebrity favourite Mayrlife, the gut-first clinic in Altaussee, Austria, which practises the methodology created by visionary Austrian physician Dr Franz Xaver Mayr. He quite rightly suggested that gut health is great health nearly 100 years ago. Today, after countless science-backed studies, we know that the microbiome and gut health is the epicentre of human health. What you might not know is that it is directly and indirectly correlated with mental and physical health. The gut-brain axis — the high-speed broadband connection between the gut and brain — means poor gut health could be one of the root causes of anxiety and depression. Mayrlife, previously known as VivaMayr, is splintering off into an exciting new chapter and has identified this need to treat mental health and physical exhaustion.

Rebel Wilson at Mayrlife

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