As we age, we may experience challenges such as joint stress, osteoarthritis, memory decline, loss of balance, find it difficult

reaching to the floor to pick up a sock or other physical limitations. All of this affects your sense of self and positive outlook.

Yoga has a wide array of physical and mental health benefits that enhance a good quality of life, especially as we age.

Great way to start your week!

Self-Care ~ Aging with Grace Yoga Series for All Ages!

8 Weekly Mondays May 23rd - July 18th (No class July 4th)

10AM (Pacific Time) / 1PM (Eastern Time) 50-minute classes

The zoom classes will be recorded, so if you can't make it live, you won't miss out! ✨ Recordings are available 24/7 during the series.

Register Now ~ $159 Early Bird Registration ONLY $139

Great for folks who:

• are new to yoga

• feel stiff

• want to slow down and care for yourself

• want greater agility

• want a stronger healthier back

• want to be more flexible

• want to maintain mobility

• like good company

“Patricia’s self-care yoga series has been a life saver during this pandemic. As a licensed psychologist I have added breath work to all of my sessions, as we are all working to remain calm and focused during this challenging time.” ~Dr. Barbara Stroud, Palo Alto, CA

Enjoy exploring and expecting:

• Improved stability and balance

• Flexibility and agility

• Joint health

• Deeper easier breathing

• Lower blood pressure

• Clarity and Calm

• Restful Sleep

Exercise, breath awareness and a good diet can help prevent disease, injury and keep your body and brain in good shape.

Hope to see you again or meet you soon!

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