Entrepreneur Masaba Gupta, in an exclusive conversation with BW Businessworld spoke about her new beauty brand LoveChild, and her mantra to beat stress. 

How have the last two years been for your work?

They have been very empowering and a period of great learning. This time has taught me a lot as an entrepreneur. I have understood my business and the market opportunities better.

After Covid-19 there’s been a big focus on wellness – what are the upcoming trends we will see in this sector?

The wellness market has seen exponential growth over the last few years, especially during the pandemic, where we were forced to take a step back, and focus on our mental health and wellness. The awareness and the willingness of people to prioritise their mental health has given a big push for companies to explore avenues to make wellness more accessible. Wellness Tech seems to be the next big leap within the wellness industry, from virtual reality and augmented reality to merged reality. The future of wellness will create disruptive new products and services that put health and well-being in the spotlight. 

Congratulations on LoveChild. What makes it unique? 

Thank you! Created thoughtfully and responsibly, LoveChild as a brand embraces multiplicity in self-expression. It is a celebration of the mindset that believes in beauty as much as it does in overall wellness – mental and physical. I wanted to make beauty and wellness accessible to every woman in this country. The aim is to reduce the barriers and social hesitations that come with approaching beauty and wellness for first-time enthusiasts.

What are some of the new offerings we will see from you in the next few years? 

We are launching exciting products next month. We have the kajal, eyeliner, lip balm, sheet mask, and fragrances coming soon. The packaging is vibrant and fun, enabling a unique expression of self-love. 

Your mantra to beat stress and anxiety?

The most underrated and effective way is breathing. 

Whenever I get overwhelmed, I take a moment to myself and consciously breathe. It allows me to centre myself and collect my thoughts. I actively meditate to manage my stress. One thing that I found helpful was the use of essential oils during my meditations, which inspired me to create my own Anti-Anxiety Oil Roll to alleviate stress.

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