International Yoga Day 2023: Finding effective ways to manage stress and maintain well-being in today's fast-paced and demanding work environment is critical for working professionals. Yoga and mindfulness practises have grown in popularity as effective tools for assisting people in their personal and professional lives. As the world celebrates International Yoga Day today, ABP Live enlisted the help of some health experts to provide useful advice. Here are some examples of how yoga and mindfulness practises can benefit working professionals.

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'Alleviates Stress And Strengthens Resilience'

Yoga and mindfulness offer a space for self-reflection, self-care, and the development of coping mechanisms for navigating the complexities of today's workplace. 

"As a working professional, I understand the growing challenges faced by working professionals in today's fast-paced and technology-driven world," says Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of MyGALF. "The constant advancements and pressures to meet deadlines and learn new skills can have a negative impact on their emotional and mental health. That is why we believe in the profound impact of yoga and mindfulness practises on the overall well-being of professionals. Professionals can find a sanctuary amidst the demands by incorporating these practises into their lives, allowing them to cultivate inner calm, reduce stress, and improve emotional resilience," he said. 

Organisations should be committed to providing professionals with the resources they require to prioritise their emotional and mental health, allowing them to thrive and find a sense of balance in their careers, he added further. 

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'Increases Productivity And Provides Job Satisfaction'

Dr Bhavana Diyora, an Ayurveda Doctor, Preventive Health Consultant, and Yoga Specialist at MyGALF, is a strong proponent of incorporating holistic practises into the lives of working professionals. She emphasises the importance of mindfulness in promoting mental and emotional well-being. 

"Individuals can foster self-awareness, effectively manage stress, and improve their ability to stay fully present and focused by practising mindfulness on a regular basis. Mindfulness also fosters emotional intelligence, which leads to better communication and healthier workplace relationships. Furthermore, incorporating brief mindfulness exercises, such as deep breathing or mindful breaks, into the workday can boost productivity, foster creativity, and improve overall job satisfaction," Dr Diyora said. 

Working professionals who practise mindfulness can create a positive work environment that benefits their overall professional performance and growth, she added. 

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'Helps In Managing Stress And Cultivating Calm Mind'

Shivani Mehrotra, a Yoga Instructor at MyGALF, believes that yoga and mindfulness practises are essential for supporting working professionals in today's fast-paced world. Yoga practise improves physical fitness, flexibility, and posture, addressing the issues associated with desk-bound work. 

Shivani said: "Mindfulness techniques like breath awareness and meditation help with stress management, improving focus, and cultivating a calm state of mind. These practises also improve sleep, improve immune function, and boost overall resilience."

"Professionals can find balance, reduce burnout, and improve their overall well-being by incorporating yoga and mindfulness into their daily routines," she added. 

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'Fosters Stress Release'

Roshitha Girish, a Hatha Yoga Specialist at GALF, emphasises yoga's transformative power for working professionals. Hatha yoga improves physical strength, flexibility, and vitality by combining physical postures, breathwork, and relaxation techniques. It addresses common issues that sedentary professionals face, such as back pain and neck tension. Hatha yoga's emphasis on breath awareness and conscious movement promotes stress relief, improved concentration, and inner balance, according to Roshitha. 

"For professionals spending long hours in sedentary positions, Hatha yoga can help alleviate back pain, neck tension, and other musculoskeletal issues. Additionally, the focus on breath awareness and conscious movement in Hatha yoga helps professionals release stress, improve concentration, and find inner balance," she said. 

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'Addresses Effects Of Prolonged Sitting'

Sonia Coutinho, a MyGALF Yoga Instructor, Sound Healing Master, and Holistic Wellness Coach, offered practical insights into specific yoga asanas and mindfulness practises that benefit working professionals. 

"By calming the nervous system and improving circulation, the Viparita Karani, or Legs-Up-The-Wall pose, provides stress relief and mental clarity," she said. 

"By stretching the spine and strengthening the back muscles, the Bhujangasana, or Cobra pose, counteracts the effects of prolonged sitting."

"Establishing a morning mindfulness practise of deep breathing and focused awareness sets the tone for the day. Simple habits such as stretching on a regular basis, walking mindfully during lunch breaks, and practising gratitude all contribute to overall well-being," according to Sonia. 

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