Here’s how stress affects your love life and intimate relationships! There are several solutions to get rid of it…

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Only in the midst of and after the corona virus pandemic, in addition to all other crises (economic, health…) did the mental health crisis surface. There is an increased presence of anxiety and depression, which greatly affects our basic needs – simply, we lose the will and desire for something that used to give us immense pleasure.

More and more people are reporting a crisis of satisfaction and trouble enjoying life, including their sex life – the frequency of intimate relationships between couples is declining and seems to be growing into sexual depression.
As you know, after an intimate relationship, we feel overwhelmed with positive emotions, we are more satisfied and we become energetic. Intimate relationships greatly reduce tension and are perfect for channeling stress.

During love making, the brain is “bathed” in oxygen and releases many natural substances that relieve pain, raise mood and contribute to good health. But when our natural stress regulator is compromised and a source of pleasure becomes a source of frustration, stress intensifies.

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Also, recent research indicates that constant stress leads to premature aging of our biological systems – once we reach our fifties, years of accumulated stress can take their toll and weaken both our body and mind. That’s why it’s important to learn how to deal with stressful situations, to nurture intimacy and closeness that can help us relieve anxiety and improve overall health, and to preserve what we have left – love!

In addition to the fact that you can always turn to professional people, psychologists or psychotherapists who will help you to overcome difficulties more easily, another way that will temporarily calm you down is breathing.

It may seem too simple, but breathing techniques have a powerful effect on the nervous system and channel stress well. Most of us spend too much time tense, while chronic stress impairs our well-being and can reduce our libido.

Take a long breath in through your nose, then take an even longer breath out – when you exhale longer than you inhale, the body puts the nervous system into rest mode, your heart slows, and stress hormone levels drop. During the day, pay attention to your breathing and allow yourself to let the tension disappear through a long, slow exhalation.

Adopt this simple practice in order to regulate stress, improve general well-being and feel more intensely your aliveness, your will and desire for life, in the bedroom and outside it, experts advise.


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