If in the last period you have difficulty breathing and you breathe badly at night, know that it could all depend on this reason

Breathe well and having a clear airway is very important for our health and for decreasing stress levels. Not breathing properly, in fact, could give us serious problems, in addition to seriously testing ours patience. Therefore, it is very important to take measures whenever you need it.

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There are in fact days that can turn out to be extremely negative and stressful especially because of ours conditions of salute. Due to the current, or very low temperatures, our nose may close and give us problems. If in the last period you have breathing difficulties and the you breathe badly at nightknow that it could all depend on this reason.

If you breathe badly at night, it could be for this reason

Nocturnal breathing problems are often linked toorthopnea. It is a symptomatology that is often correlated with theblood supply towards the left ventricle of the heart. In this case, the ventricle would have difficulty to manage the increased level of flowing blood and could therefore make it difficult to breathe.

If you breathe badly at night, therefore, it could be due to this reason. Orthopnea, in fact, could lead the person suffering from it to sleep badly at nightforcing him to sleep in one upright position, placing the pillow behind your back and lifting your torso. The cause could also be related to problems with the lungs oa imbalances cardiac.

Furthermore, orthopnea is a symptomatology that occurs mainly during the night, while the subject who suffers from it is at rest. This, therefore, could lead to awakenings startled and to an obvious increased stress.


Also, a cause of this problem could be bronchitis o l’asma. The fact that the most evident and annoying symptoms occur mainly during the night and in moments of rest makes orthopnea easily identifiable.

Therefore, this problem should not be underestimated at all, as the pathology in question could be an indication of further problems in the lung or heart. This could be especially true in the most serious cases, in which the subject is awakened with a start by the shortness of breath and is forced to sit up to breathe well. In this case, therefore, it is absolutely recommended to contact a medico specialist.

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