Aurimas Juodka is the CEO of YogiLab, a personal development platform based in Bali, and the founder of Breath Masters. He was introduced to breathwork over a decade ago and realised that the world desperately needed this medicine, so he founded Breath Masters. AJ has spent time in High Performance and Biohacking circles and has discovered that breath work is THE MOST IMPACTFUL modality for rapid transformation. Brian Kelly is the Co-Founder and Lead Coach of Breath Masters, an online International school for Transformational Breath Coach certification.

AJ and his Co-Founder Brian have a combined 25+ years of experience in coaching and personal development. Prior to the formation of Breath Masters, they were members of the original core YogiLab development team, which was based in Bali, Indonesia.

Brian has helped over 20,000 students worldwide overcome the epidemic of mental health challenges, including chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, all while breaking through limiting beliefs and childhood traumas, creating space for rapid growth, healing, and transformation, through his retreats, workshops, online challenges, courses, private and group sessions.

Brian founded and is the visionary behind the 9D Breathwork movement. This one-of-a-kind approach to breathwork combines the power of conscious connected breathing with hypnotherapy, High Definition multi-dimensional sound, brain entrainment, and sound frequency technology to deliver a world-class subconscious mind-bending experience unlike anything else seen in the world of breathwork.

Brian transitioned from hosting his Breathwork sessions in person to guiding online journeys when covid began to have a massive impact on mental health globally. The first online session had nearly 250 signups, and Brian's work was quickly recognised as some of the most powerful in the industry by long-time Breathwork enthusiasts.

After only a few months, the signups quickly surpassed 500, and word of Brian's unique approach to guiding online Breathwork sessions began to spread.

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