Gadget-buying season — aka December — is coming soon. And in the spirit of that season, we give you the "drop" on favorites that OZY has shared on the coolest gadgets, wearables and tech solutions to help you hack life, work and favorite pastimes.

The Stress-Relieving Chest Patch

This little patch could revolutionize at-home care for mental health conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Worn under a shirt, the LiefRx patch measures heart rate variability in real time, teaching users to self-regulate their bodies (via discreet breathing exercises, for example) in moments of extreme stress or anxiety. The company’s founder was inspired by how meditation improves the mental health of Tibetan monks — so much so that he studied their brain waves.


The High-Tech Yoga Pants That Help Perfect Your Pose

Many people have a love-hate relationship with yoga. We love the idea of it, but we hate doing it. Enter smart yoga pants. Nadi X pants use five Bluetooth-enabled sensors to determine, in real time, what yoga pose you are in — from beginner to intermediate and advanced poses — and then provide audio instruction via a smartphone app, in addition to gentle vibrations at the hips, knees and ankles.


The Wearable Vibrator

Vibrators and other sex toys for women have in recent years veered away from straightforward penis-shaped apparatuses and toward more creative and ambiguous designs. But now a growing number of innovators are driving a particularly bold revolution: sex toys, and vibrators in particular, as jewelry. For example, the Palma ring looks like a standard statement ring you might buy at a stylish but inexpensive shop, and is also a three-speed vibrator.


The Exercise Jammies

There’s a revolution going on in cosmeto-textiles — fabrics infused with substances that help with relaxation, athletic performance and circulation. One already on the market is Under Armour’s Recover line. The fabric uses infrared tech to reflect heat back at your body and help your muscles recover faster after a workout.


The Smart Desk That Will Order Your Lunch

Face it, desk workers, you’ve heard the advice over and over again: Get up and move. You know a sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to your health. But what do you do if work chains you to your desk all day? Enter the SmartDesk 3 from, which allows you to sit or stand while you work, but it can also do some things your run-of-the-mill desk can’t do — like order lunch.


The One-Wheel Commute

Segways never really became mainstream, but self-balancing scooters might still have a future. Take the Ninebot One, a robotic one-wheeled personal transport system that looks like a Segway, a roller skate and a unicycle merged into one. To ride it, place your feet on the shelf-like platform protruding from the main wheel. Then, when balanced, you adjust your body weight to move.


The Solution to Snoring

Snoring can be a major source of discontent among partners and roommates. But the tech world is coming to the rescue with a variety of newfangled anti-snoring devices, including one inserted into the nose to unblock a snorer’s airways and a sensor-pillow combo that repositions the offender’s head when they start to snore.


The Solution to Noisy Spaces

The Israeli company Silentium is working on a foot-and-a-half zone of silence centered on a person’s head, a bubble of calm that will allow you to focus even in the most chaotic of environments. The Quiet Bubble will make it possible to create your very own noiseless space in the comfort of your own home. Meaning you could sit at your dining room table within that sound bubble and, even surrounded by arguing family members, not hear much of anything outside of it.


The Solution to Lonely House Pets

As people have gone back to work since the pandemic’s peak, imagine how house pets feel. Months of never being alone, and suddenly they’ve got no one to hang out with all day. To keep in touch with your pets, try Laïka. Developed by a French company called CamToy, Laika is part pet-companion, part pet-toy and part pet-camera — its camera follows the animal, while the robot companion rolls around to play and even dispenses occasional treats.


Have you seen a cool gadget that makes life easier or more enjoyable?

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