What is breathwork? Well, breathwork can be as basic as inhaling and then exhaling deeply, yet it can also be an incredibly advanced practice. But the best bit is that breathwork is an easy, natural, and free method to improve your wellness.

Breathwork can genuinely change your life for the better. Stress relief, better mental focus, and an improved outlook on life are only a couple of the emotional benefits of breathwork. To reap all the benefits of breathwork, below are some of the best online breathwork courses and programs.

yogalap breath is life online course

The breathwork and pranayama course from Yogalap is made up of 60 lessons and over 15 hours of video. If you don’t know, pranayama is an ancient but basic type of breathing practice that focuses on controlling your breath.

The course chapters start by covering things like connecting with your breath and tuning your breath. After that, you’ll learn about centering your awareness, and there are even extra chapters that include guided meditations and physical exercises.

Whether you want to learn how to become a breathwork instructor or master the art of meditation and Qigong, Yogalap features a wide range of fantastic courses. Furthermore, Yogalap even offers free live sessions and yoga and breathwork retreats.

Alchemy of Breath free breathwork course online

There’s nothing better than a freebie to show you what is on offer, and that is exactly what Alchemy of Breath provides. All you have to do is register to join their free online breathwork sessions that founder Anthony Abbagnano hosts every Sunday.

This free session promises to give you lifelong and powerful breathwork tools. Plus, it’s only 30 minutes long. If you want to delve deeper into breathwork, Alchemy of Breath has tons of excellent online courses for a small price.

As an example, if you struggle with anxiety and need a quick session to help put you at ease, try The Lions Breath course. It is only eight minutes long and a few dollars to buy and download.

Yoga International basics of breathing

Yoga International is a great place to find online yoga classes to do from the comfort of your own home. However, it is also a great place to find online courses. One of the best online courses to learn breathwork is Yoga International’s Basics of Breathing.

The course is fairly basic as it comprises an introduction and then five short and sweet lessons. In fact, you can sign up and complete the entire course in less than one hour. Once you’ve finished the course you’ll get a certificate.

glo breathwork breathing classes

Glo’s breathwork training and classes are suited for everyone, whether you want to improve your energy levels, focus better, or merely increase your awareness. You can choose breathwork classes based on which teacher you’d prefer, your skill level, and how much time you have to spare.

If you’re just beginning your breathwork journey, it’s a nice idea to follow along with Divya Balakrishnan’s classes—as they vary from level one to two.

Alternatively, For The Love Of Pranayama is also suitable for beginners, but it is a longer session and does require a yoga block or bolster pillow. Additionally, Glo features a huge library of live and on-demand classes like electrifying online HIIT classes and online Pilates classes.

mindbodygreen the ultimate guide to breathwork

Mindbodygreen is the ultimate wellness platform to help you eat, move, and live life better. There are tons of classes to buy on its platform, with topics ranging from spirituality and meditation to personal growth and relationships.

For step-by-step instructions on how to master breathwork, try Mindbodygreen’s Ultimate Guide to Breathwork. The guide includes multiple modules with 16 video lessons, guided breathwork sessions, and access to a friendly community.

Be sure to take a look at the class outline to find out more about what lessons are in store and to find out more about the instructor, breathwork healer, Gwen Dittmar.

Breatheology free discovery course

The Breatheology platform primarily focuses on using the Breatheology Method to help you not only strengthen your lungs but improve your sleep, reduce stress, increase resilience, and so much more!

Breatheology offers essential, advanced, and instructor breathing programs from Stig Severinsen. Stig Severinsen, who is the founder of Breatheology, holds tons of impressive titles like a free diving world champion and Guinness world record holder.

In addition, there are also several completely free breathing courses from Stig that you can take advantage of. One of the must-try free courses is the Breathing Discovery Series. This series features three breathwork lessons over three days aimed at boosting your mind, body, and soul.

udemy power of breath online course

Udemy is an online learning platform with some of the most affordable and diverse courses. So whether you’re looking for the best Excel courses or IT certification courses for beginners, Udemy has it all—including a couple of impressive breathwork courses.

Among the top-rated courses is the Power of Breath: Change Your Breath, Change Your Life from spiritual mentor Lynsie McKeown. The entire program is pretty straightforward, simple to navigate through, and is only about two hours in length.

The breakdown goes over the course content, which includes 15 lectures over six different sections. In this course, you’ll be learning about everything related to breathwork—from the importance of breath to pranayama breathing practices and techniques.

skillshare breathing courses

Do you want to learn new skills online? Whether you love graphic design and animation or music and photography, Skillshare is a place where you can explore a range of online courses that are best suited for creatives.

Additionally, Skillshare also boasts online lifestyle classes to boost skills like cooking, sewing, crafting, and breathwork techniques. Breathing 101, which is taught by Stephanie Erivo, is an online guide to teach you all you need to know about breathing.

This short Skillshare program features 11 lessons which begin by focusing on breathing techniques and posture, followed by breathing for fitness, breathing for relaxation, and a couple of natural breathing hacks.

You may not have heard of breathwork a few years ago, but it has become a popular wellness practice that is easy for anyone to pick up. Simply put, breathwork is breathing in a conscious, controlled way to promote and enhance your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

There are many different types of breathwork, from beginner-friendly practices like pranayama to more advanced breathing techniques like holotropic breathwork.

Those who practice breathwork regularly do so to improve their self-awareness, boost confidence, and get rid of negative emotions. So, with all its awesome benefits, why not try one or more of these online breathwork classes, courses, and programs?

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