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Mental health apps are an easy way to work on your mental health. Mental health apps are not intended to diagnose illness or replace treatment by a psychologist. However, they can support your overall mental health. Apps are a convenient way to get extra support between therapy sessions or doctor visits, and can continue to help after therapy ends. Searching for mental health services can be intimidating, especially in a technology-driven world that offers so many options. However, if you’re looking to address a mental health issue but have been reluctant to do so in person, the remote treatment options available can certainly compete with more traditional real-life mental health services. Many of these options can be accessed through intuitive apps that simplify your mental health journey and take the guesswork out of finding the expert help you’re looking for.

Most of these apps allow you to access their features at any time, search for therapists and treatments anonymously, and offer a variety of ways to stay engaged, such as daily reminders, emotion trackers, and extensive learning materials. While not all of these mental health apps are meant to complement a licensed therapist, they can be of great help in managing your mental health issues and treatments. Here, we’ve rounded up the best mental health apps. Many mental health apps give you stress management tools, activities, and support. There are apps that help with common mental health problems and specific illnesses.

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mood road

Moodpath is one of the mental health apps that you can customize to help you manage anxiety, depression, and stress. Moodpath has three main functions: It is an assessment tool that allows you to track your physical and emotional well-being. They answer questions every day. The app summarizes the data for a bi-weekly summary report. You can share reports with mental health professionals.

Use Moodpath to track your mood and keep a journal. The app also provides a snapshot of your emotional states each day. This feedback allows you to reflect on your emotional well-being throughout the day. The app helps you better understand your patterns and triggers. Moodpath teaches you to release negative thought patterns and overwhelming emotions with CBT-based exercises. Daily mindfulness exercises, sleep enhancement, stress management, and self-compassion exercises are also available.

Mentality change

The app is designed for younger users, but can be useful for people of all ages. Mindshift uses CBT-based techniques to help you reframe your anxious thoughts and make lasting behavioral changes. many helpful tools including a thought journal, a relaxation zone with guided meditations, and a “quick relief” tool if you feel overwhelmed right now

The ability to share mental health data with people in your support network. Lots of active mood tracking, which may not be for everyone.


From stress relief to peer support to therapy tips, this app has all the mental health tools you need right from your phone. Even better, your health insurance may cover this, so be sure to check. (iOS, Android, free for a limited time, then $8.99 per month or $53.99 per year).

conversation space

Talkspace connects users, including teens and couples, with licensed therapists to provide personalized support. You can send text, audio or video messages 24/7 and get back to you within a day.

Talkspace covers more than 40 million Americans with insurance and offers psychiatry as well as therapy. Plans start at $65 per week without insurance.


Apple named Calm “App of the Year” in 2017. The app aims to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and promote mindfulness. Users can access Calm on iOS devices, Android devices, and desktop computers. Calm offers meditation that focuses on sleep, relaxation, and mindful movement. Individuals can also choose from several master classes where audio programs are recorded by mindfulness practitioners.

The app offers meditation sessions that can help people relieve stress, as well as breathing programs, music, and nature sounds to aid relaxation and promote better sleep. Calm is suitable for both beginners and those who already meditate. The app’s meditation sessions range from 3 minutes to over an hour. At the time of publication, Calm offers a 7-day free trial. After this trial, a subscription costs $69.99 per year. Alternatively, a person can purchase a lifetime subscription for $399.99.


MoodKit was developed by two clinical psychologists and is based on the principles and techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

It offers more than 200 activities designed to improve your mood and change negative thinking. A diary feature is included to keep track of your mood, negative thoughts, and how you deal with stress.


Since 2013, BetterHelp providers have offered therapy and counseling to people who need a convenient and affordable way to improve their mental health. The online and app-based platform offers therapy and counseling services with thousands of licensed therapists. Through the online portal or app (available for iOS and Android), you can communicate with your care team and join sessions via audio, video, and text messaging.

All BetterHelp therapists are fully trained and credentialed, and their biographies are easily accessible on the website. This allows you to learn more about each provider before deciding which one to work with. And because there are so many providers, chances are you can find someone who can help you with depression, stress, low self-esteem, anger, relationship problems, or any other problem. Weekly live audio and video sessions combined with unlimited messages to your therapist give you access to valuable mental health resources when you need them most. The monthly membership price ranges from $240 to $600.

CBT-I Trainer

Lack of sleep can lead to many physical and mental health problems. CBT-i uses cognitive behavioral techniques to improve your sleep habits. The app provides a structured program to be used with therapists in CBT sessions. The app can also be used alone.

Head space

Founded by a Buddhist monk, Headspace is considered one of the best meditation apps out there. The free version helps you visualize relaxing experiences, like B. walking in a garden.

If you upgrade to Premium, you also get access to meditation classes. Fans of the app include business titan Richard Branson, actress Emma Watson, and the Seattle Seahawks. (iOS, Android, free for select content, $95 per year for full premium access).

Pride Counseling

Recent research shows that LGBTQ+ people are at higher risk for mental illness. To address this, Pride Counseling offers individual therapy and group webinars with licensed therapists who specialize in supporting queer people. Plans start at $40 per week and are billed monthly.


Sanvello is an app that offers four different ways to help a person find the strategies and resources they need. These paths are: Sanvello maintains alliances with selected insurers and employers.

The company may offer selected functions of this application free of charge to people who purchase insurance or are employees of these companies.

I breath

If you are looking for an easy way to relieve stress, iBreathe is an easy to use breathing exercise app. Deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress and anxiety. The app was developed with one purpose: simple deep breathing exercises. There is no clutter in the app to distract or overwhelm you.

Deep breathing exercises achieve the best results when done daily. So you can set the app to remind you when it’s time for your breathing exercises. After every particularly stressful moment, you can open the app for some stress relief.

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