Sleeplessness is a common concern these days. While insomnia is a medical condition that few individuals face and it needs professional guidance, some experience short term sleep disorder from time to time due to stress, fatigue or a variety of other reasons. It becomes difficult for these individuals to sleep till early hours of dawn and then it's already time to wake up. Although the sleep patterns and durations differ from one individual to another, a human body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily, to rest and recharge. You can try these below mentioned home remedies to get some quality sleep. However, if your problem persists, please seek medical help.

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5 Home Remedies To Beat Stress And Get Good Sleep

1. Yoga

It is a known fact that yoga has positive benefits for the body and mind. It also has a positive impact on sleeping patterns. Along with controlling stress levels, improving physical health and boosting focus, yoga also improves the sleep patterns. Choose a yoga pose which focuses on breathing exercises rather than physical postures. Slow and controlled breathing exercises will help in clearing the mind and boost focusing abilities. Practice 15 to 20 minutes of breathing exercises daily. You can practice more gradually. While focusing on the breathing techniques, sit in a position that is comfortable for your body. This will help you focus continuously for longer duration.


2. Oil Massages

Research says that oil massages act as therapy to benefit people with sleeplessness and improve dysfunctions too. Massaging with essential oils reduces feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. As the masseuse massages your body, try to focus on your mind and feelings. Choose less fragrant oils for the massage as the mild smell would let you relax better. Lavender oil is the best for promoting sleep and reducing pain. In case of any physical ailments or conditions, do take advice from your doctors before the massage.


3. Intake Of Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral present in the body and can relax muscles and reduce stress. It also encourages healthy sleep. Taking magnesium supplements may improve your sleeping cycle. Please note - Consult your doctor for the right dosage and prescriptions for the magnesium supplements.


4. Exercise

Physical exercise has a number of health benefits. It enhances the mood, aids in losing weight, increases energy levels and promotes sleep. Regular exercises reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. And with it, the sleeplessness patterns are reduced too. Choose the exercise that works for your body and indulge in the physical activities daily as per your body conditions. Choose from aerobics, zumba, weight training or any dance form and practice it for at least half an hour daily.


5. Wise Use Of Digital Gadgets

The light from smartphones and devices is known to interfere with sleep patterns. So instead of binging on some shows before going to bed, indulge in some reading or music instead. Stop using your smart devices or watching television at least an hour before going to bed. It is also advisable to keep the lights of the bedroom switched off so that you easily fall asleep.


Though the above remedies may or may not work for all individuals but there is no harm in trying one or a combination of the above activities to get a peaceful beauty sleep.

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