The Tip to Overcome Exam Stress
5 Tips to Beat Exam Stress

Expert Psychologist Duygu Kodak listed 5 tricks for students to overcome exam stress, and told families about the right approach before and after the exam. Students will compete to enter their dream high school in the LGS exam to be held on Sunday, June 4th. Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital Specialist Psychologist Duygu Kodak stated that especially families' attitudes and behaviors towards the exam are an extremely important determinant of the psychological state of children, and said, "The fact that most families unknowingly reflect their personal concerns on their children causes children to be much more stressed during the exam." .

do relaxation exercises

Kodak stated that breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques for physical and mental relaxation provide great benefits for the exam, “For this; Breathe in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Feel your muscles by squeezing them for a while, then relax by releasing them. Take a walk outdoors. Such exercises will help clear thoughts, feel safe, calm and bring your attention to the present moment.” he said.

Change negative thoughts about yourself

“To be happy in the future, I just have to pass this exam, there is no other way; If I can't win, I can't look at my family or my environment; my life ends; the result of the exam will determine who I am and my worth; Get rid of thoughts like “if I don't get the result I want, it shows that I am incompetent.” Expert Psychologist Duygu Kodak said, “Because these logical and unrealistic thoughts increase stress and negatively affect performance.” used the phrases.

Remember your strengths

Expert Psychologist Duygu Kodak continued her explanations as follows:

Instead of "I am unprepared for the exam, the information is so unnecessary and ridiculous, my inability to understand the topics shows that I am stupid, I will not be successful in this exam, the exam will be bad"; Make positive statements such as “I can do what I have to do and do the best I can, if I succeed, I will pass an important milestone in my life, but not getting the result I want does not mean that I am incompetent, it just means that I have to work harder”. Remember your strengths and successes that you used to cope with difficulties.”

Pay attention to your diet and sleep

Pointing out the importance of nutrition and sleep, Kodak said, “Do not allow high-sugar foods and beverages, which may cause blood sugar to rise on the exam day and fall right after, raise your anxiety. There are many studies that show that good sleep increases academic achievement. Take care to get enough sleep before the exam, reduce the use of phones and tablets before sleep and rest your mind.” warned.

Pay attention to these suggestions in the exam

Specialist Psychologist Duygu Kodak listed her suggestions for students to prevent stress during the exam as follows:

“If you hear the sound of other students turning the page during the exam, don't worry about being late. Because each candidate's question solving method and exam strategy are different from each other, so you don't know who started which section and from which question.

Look at your watch between sections instead of constantly checking the time during the exam. Constantly checking the time can be alarming.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth. In this way, the needed oxygen expands the blood vessels to the brain and positively affects cognitive activities. “

Make your child feel valued

Specialist Psychologist Duygu Kodak, who stated that the child's family has great responsibilities in overcoming the stress of the exam, said, "In addition to anxiety and stress, I observe that children experience an intense feeling of guilt, thinking that they will upset their parents due to the exam result, and make them disappointed. Well-intentioned phrases such as "we are working hard for you, we are willing to do anything for you to study and be successful" can cause them to think that their lives depend on this exam. For this reason, make your child feel that you love them and will be there for them, regardless of the exam result, and that they are very valuable to you. Do not compare with their peers after the exam. Your positive and warm approach will both improve your relationship and encourage your child to take the next steps without feeling lonely.” he ended his speech.

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