In today’s world where stress is an inevitable part of our daily life it’s more important than ever to take good care of our physical and mental health. There are plenty of workout routines and programs out there which you can choose to follow to maintain your body and mind in its best condition. There are multiple benefits of practising physical exercise including increasing physical strength, reducing stress levels and improving sleep, mood and your immune system. 

Depending on your lifestyle, your personal preference of exercise routines and the availability of programs around you, you can choose some of our suggestions for popular mind-body exercises. 

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Fitness training 

One of the most common and widely accessible forms of exercise is choosing to join fitness classes or signing up for a personal training program. Whether your goal is simply to become more healthy or you have a more specific target such as muscle building or losing weight, you can contact the Fitness coach Adam Kemp who will help you on your journey. What’s most important about fitness training is to have a balanced routine which includes aerobic training, strength and balance training and also core and stretching exercises. If your workouts include all of these you will soon start to see improvements in your physical and also mental wellbeing. 


This is an ancient practice which combines movement, meditation and breathing techniques which help the body and mind to relax and be in good physical and mental state. There are many different types of yoga which you may choose to follow depending on the benefits you are seeking to gain from these practices. Yoga is chosen by many for its psychological benefits. It’s proven that while performing yoga poses, your brain releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin which uplifts your mood and gives you a sense of happiness which can also positively affect depression. It goes without saying that the meditation practices and the breathing techniques and calm music relieve stress, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. 


If you are looking for something similar to yoga but you are more a fan of core exercises and improving your physical strength while still practising breathing techniques then your best option might be pilates. The focus of this discipline is to help improve the connection between body and mind by paying attention to breathing, focus and mindfulness. By engaging you in mindful exercises it encourages your brain to focus on the here and now and gives you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself. 


Swimming is not only beneficial to your physical health and stamina but it’s also a great form of exercise to improve your mental health. It’s an ideal activity for people of all ages as it doesn’t put any impact on your joints, therefore you can improve your cardiovascular health without much tension on your body. The moist air around the swimming pool makes it easier to breathe and helps those suffering from asthma. Swimming is also a great way to unwind and overcome stress after a hard day or why not start your day with a swimming session to get your body pumped with endorphins to keep a positive vibe throughout the day. 

No matter what kind of exercise you choose to do it will surely bring a positive impact to your health and wellbeing. If you are not sure what your cup of tea is, you can try out different classes and see what makes you feel most comfortable and what brings the most benefits to you as an individual. There are also plenty of online classes which you can join from the comfort of your home and you can buy them online. If you are a newbie in practising regular exercise you might find it a little hard to commit at the beginning but once you see the changes it brings to your body and mind, you will want to continue. 

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