“Pilates trains the entire body, and promotes strength, flexibility and a range of motion for joints, making it a particularly beneficial practice to do as we age. It reshapes and strengthens the body, whilst improving flexibility, all without stressing the joints. It includes plenty of weight-bearing exercises, which are important as we age, as they help to combat osteoporosis, which is more common later in life due to a decline in oestrogen. Pilates is also a fantastic way to relieve stress – namely due to the breath, focus and concentration required – which in turn can lower cortisol levels, unlike prolonged cardio such as running, which actually increases cortisol. At this stage in life, we’re more likely to feel stress and worry – work, children and family are common sources of worry – and high levels of cortisol have been linked to fat storage around the middle.” – Korin Nolan, founder of Power Pilates UK

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