In this fast-paced life, the problem of stress and anxiety has become very common. Heart palpitations, shortness of breath, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, less sleep at night, etc., can all be symptoms of stress. It is important for you to know that there are some reasons like lifestyle, irregular routine, tension and disputes in relationships, race to get ahead of each other, feeling insecure, fighting and fighting, staying away from society, and being absorbed too much in your own life has given rise to stress, anger, anxiety, and depression. The problem is serious, but it is not incurable. 

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Regular yoga helps in keeping you healthy mentally and physically. So, here are some yoga asanas to destress yourself:

Sukhasana- Sukhasana is very beneficial to relieve stress. By performing this yoga for at least ten minutes daily, your mind remains calm. For this, place your right foot under the left knee and the left foot under the right knee and close your eyes and leave the body loose in a calm state. During this, keep breathing in and out in slow motion.

Marjariasana- This asana is also known as Cat Pose in English. This stretches our spinal cord and abdominal muscles and gives relief to the shoulders, waist, and neck. For this, keep your knees and hands on the floor as if your body has turned into a table. While breathing in, slowly exhale the stomach inwards and then exhale outwards. It benefits the mind as well as the whole body.

Balasana- Sit on your knees and move your hands forward. While doing this, tilt the body forward as well. It gives you peace of mind.

Paschimottanasana- For this, keep the legs and back absolutely straight. Now stretch the hands forward from the feet and tilt the head down, then slowly bring the hands to the normal position. Along with fatigue, you can also get relief from stress.

Shavasana- Lie down comfortably on the ground and keep your face straight and upwards. Then, keep the hands straight by keeping them close to the body and keep breathing and exhaling in slow motion. By doing this one gets relief from fatigue as well as stress.

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