Listening to audiobooks and podcasts can be a great way to consume ideas while you’re on the move or working out. If you have depression, it may be easier to listen to books than read them. As a member of Amazon’s Audible audiobook platform, you can access thousands of titles to stream or download to listen to offline.

These books are all included with your Audible Plus membership and don’t cost any credits. Within the Audible Plus catalog are some gems that can help with your mental health and self-care, including the following fantastic recommendations.

Screenshot showing Monsters and How to Tame Them audiobook from Audible

Stand-up comedian and actor Kevin Hart has followed up his popular titles I Can’t Make This Up and The Decision with Monsters and How to Tame Them. This guide on how to live your best life is based on practical wisdom and the lessons he’s learned about coping with mental health issues.

The Monsters referred to in the title include the Control Monster, the Comparison Monster, and the Approval Monster. If you have any of these monsters haunting your mind, it’s worth listening to Hart’s take on overcoming them. It’s all told by a master entertainer, so you’ll find yourself laughing while picking up nuggets of advice on how to live your life. Just be aware of the language warning.

Screenshot showing The Worthy Mind Audiobook from Audible

From the very start of this audiobook about self-worth, author Meadow DeVor assures you that you’re not alone. And the whole message of The Worthy Mind is that you’re worth it. You’re worth making an effort.

Everyone has feelings of unworthiness at times, but DeVor, a personal development coach, presents you with strategies for realizing your worth, owning and celebrating who you really are, and overcoming those nagging doubts that hold you back. If you have ever allowed self-doubt to limit you, you owe it to yourself to listen to this title at least once.

Screenshot showing How to Release Anxiety Audiobook from Audible

Gabrielle Bernstein is an inspirational speaker who has written a whole catalog of self-help titles available on Audible. How to Release Anxiety is a recording of a live talk recorded at the Minetta Lane Theater, in which Bernstein delivers a relatable, entertaining address about releasing anxiety.

Over 90 minutes, Bernstein gives many examples and lessons to help you with your anxiety, to recognize it for what it is, what it can teach you, and how you can conquer it, so it doesn’t take over your life. There are meditations, mantras, breathing techniques, and more in this audiobook.

Screenshot showing Ruby Wax No Brainer Audiobook from Audible

Although Ruby Wax is better known as an actress, comedian, and TV personality, she is also a leading mental health campaigner and writer who gained a master’s degree in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy at Oxford.

In No-Brainer, Wax goes in pursuit of what makes us stressed and addicted, how we feel pain, and even how we deal with death, meeting fascinating characters across Britain and America. She imparts many lessons about life, well-being, and mindfulness along the way.

Screenshot showing Beyond Happiness Audiobook from Audible

Are you happy? Even if you are, it’s a fleeting sensation that doesn’t last. So, highly experienced psychologist Dr. Jennifer Guttman teaches us to search for satisfaction instead. She uncovers the six techniques we can all use to achieve lifetime satisfaction, ultimately making us more resilient and content.

What Guttman teaches in this book is simple to understand but harder to practice. So there are lots of simple, user-friendly exercises included as you listen. And you can also try these meditation tools for beginners to help you practice.

Screenshot showing Heres Exactly What To Do audio series from Audible

Motivational speaker and author Mel Robbins has recorded this 14-part Audible Original series to show you how to reimagine your life and put it all into practice. She calls it an audio instruction playbook to change your life.

There’s an energetic and motivational drive behind these talks, with lots of practical, science-backed tools and tactics you can employ. Episodes include topics like manifesting and how to stop worrying, find life balance, handle frustration, and stay motivated.

If you scan the episode list and don’t find something helpful for your life, you probably don’t need to read this article at all. Everyone else is sure to gain some brilliant life lessons.

Screenshot showing Habits for Happiness audio series from Audible

Habits for Happiness is a 12-part series presented by Australian psychologist and founder of The Happiness Institute Tim Sharp. If you’re after a short, sharp dose of positive lessons, this is the solution.

In these episodes, Sharp leads you through vision boards, setting goals, exercising, having fun, sleeping, and asking for help. None lasts more than 20 minutes, so you can easily listen to the whole series in a few days or at your convenience.

Several similar Habits series are available on Audible, including Habits for Mastering Depression, Anxiety, and Greatness.

Screenshot showing Boot Camp for the Brain audio series from Audible

Derren Brown is an English mentalist who has caused no shortage of controversy throughout his career. His writing about how the brain works is fascinating, and he shares these insights in Boot Camp for the Brain for Audible.

In these eight episodes, Brown explains why our brains fail to work rationally, causing us to behave irrationally and lose our temper. He also shows you numerous methods to control your mind better. It’s a fascinating listen. Go further by checking out these mental health audiobooks available on Spotify if you’re a subscriber.

Screenshot showing Think Like a Champion audio series from Audible

Think Strong. Perform Strong. That’s the tagline of this 12-part series in which co-hosts Russell Wilson, Harry Wilson, and Trevor Moawad explore the psyche of business leaders and sports champions. Through a series of revealing interviews, they uncover the mental techniques that the elite employ to help them achieve their successes and show you how to employ them in your own life. Interviewees include Tim Tebow, Deepak Chopra, and Michael Johnson.

Screenshot showing Sleep Sound audio series from Audible

Sleep Sound is unique on this list. Instead of lessons on how to live or think, it transports you to relaxing locations across the planet. Through words and music, a calming soundscape emerges, which will lull you gently into sleep.

There are two series of Sleep Sound, one presented by Noah Reid and the other by Jamie Dornan, both actors with brilliantly reassuring tones. Try using these sleep tech aids in conjunction with the Audible Sleep Sound programs to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Listen to Audible’s Audible Plus Titles to Help Your Mental Well-Being

If you haven’t considered browsing the Amazon Audible Plus shelves for mental health audiobooks, these books and podcasts are a great place to start. Amazon constantly curates and updates the Plus catalog, so these titles may change in the future. Look for the Included banner against any title, denoting that it is currently in the Plus catalog.

Titles are removed occasionally, but Amazon always includes a final date, so you’ll know exactly how long you have left to listen to the title. With fresh new books and ideas being released constantly, there’s bound to be something to inspire and motivate you within Amazon’s extensive catalog.

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