Babi Cruz, wife of singer Arlindo Cruz, shared a video confirming that the artist was hospitalized in Rio. She clarifies that her husband performed an exam to check the lung and took the opportunity to adjust a valve in the brain.

I come to inform you that Arlindo is hospitalized yes. He had a bronchoscopy for excess secretion in the lung, but he is doing very well, reacted perfectly, oxygenating well, breathing alone, pressure and heart rate great.
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Bronchoscopy is a test in which an endoscope is used to capture images of the respiratory system. The procedure can identify tumors and infections.

“Taking the opportunity to make a valve adjustment, it is natural from time to time for the neurologist to do an analysis. We took the opportunity to come to the hospital to do one thing and we are solving all the others”, he explained in the video published on Instagram stories.

The procedure performed to adjust the valve in the brain was also confirmed by Arlindinho, son of Arlindo Cruz, in an interview with the Extra newspaper.

“It’s all right. It’s delicate because it’s a lung, but he’s fine,” concluded the singer’s wife.

The samba singer suffered a stroke in March 2017 and was hospitalized for almost a year and a half. Since then, he has had more than 14 surgeries. Arlindo Cruz has been recovering at home for about four years and, despite having evolved in the framework, he does not speak or move alone.

Last month, he and his wife remarried after 10 years of marriage. “It’s another decade together, the most challenging and painful, with the fear of losing the love of my life, the fear of losing physical contact, the spoon, the ear blanket”, said Babi in an interview with Quem.

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