MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - National Pet Wellness Month is the perfect time to provide our pets with the attention they require, including scheduling their annual veterinarian visit. Most of us have adopted them as members of our family, and it’s only natural we treat them as we would our human relatives.

Just like humans need vaccines, dental care, bloodwork, and regular checkups with their doctors, our pets need veterinary wellness visits every six months to a year.

Your pet’s veterinarian is trained to detect the subtle clues that can indicate a problem or illness, like changes in breathing, heart rate and vision, and even minor swellings. These clues could be signs of something more serious or life-threatening, and it’s always better to take a preventative approach with your veterinarian who knows your pet’s health history.

The wellness visit is also important to make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines, especially for rabies protection, and infectious bacterial diseases like leptospirosis and those that cause respiratory infections.

Common parasites and illnesses your dog and cats may encounter are easily prevented with treatments available from your veterinarian. Proactive year-round prevention is a health-forward, less costly way to keep your dog healthy while giving pet owners peace of mind.

We spoke with veterinarian Dr. Heather Berst and her cute pup Dottie about the importance of preventative pet care for dogs and cats. She talked about the importance of regularly scheduled veterinarian visits and why you should have a strong relationship with your vet.

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