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Dec 23, 2022

Weighted blankets help promote calm and rest.

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Weighted blankets and similar objects like weighted pillows and weighted stuffed animals are becoming more popular among educators,mental health professionals, and parents. These products are typically filled with glass beads, grains or plastic pellets that add weight, and are  sewn into the fabric to ensure comfort for the person wearing or using one, according to the blog Weighted Blanket Report.

Although weighted stuffed animals are a newer take on the weighted blanket, a 2020 study by the American Occupational Therapy Association Inc found that applying pressure to your body can be a helpful therapeutic tool for reducing anxiety because it could help reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Here are the five benefits of  weighted objects.

Like a huge hug
According to Saatva, a mattress company, weighted stuffed animals play a similar role to blankets for both children and adults. In fact, using a weighted stuffed animal is similar to getting a hug or massage. Since weighted stuffed animals are smaller than the classic weighted blanket, less of the  less of your body is covered so the items are more portable and a huge winner for little children who may not know the difference between a weighted stuffed animal and a regular one.

Used in occupational therapy
Occupational therapists are huge fans of weighted blankets, especially when it comes to treating their non-neurotypical patients. For people with ADHD or who are on the autism spectrum, weighted objects can help them calm down. According to ADDitude Magazine, the weight of these objects provide sensory input to the brain, which then calms and organizes the central nervous system. This could also improve mood.

Could Improve  sleep
For people who have difficulty sleeping or staying asleep, the pressure from a weighted blanket or object can help. Weighted items can help prepare your body for rest by calming your  heart rate and breathing, according to Penn Medicine. And once you are calm, you can be able to get the sleep you need to wake up feeling more refreshed.

Helps to improves your mood
One of the many benefits of weighted objects, according to a Dream Cloud Sleep blog, is that these products  promote the production of serotonin, which could improve your mood. It works, according to Health Matters from New York Presptarian, because the comforting pressure of the weighted objects creates deep pressure touch stimulation, which helps to relax your nervous system and promotes your body’s production of serotonin.

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