Music is known for its relaxing benefits. But listen to this one and, according to scientists, you'll feel the difference instantly!

Music soothes the soul. Benefits well known to anxious people (and others), who regularly use certain songs to relax, daily or in times of stress. If there are millions of so-called relaxing music, scientists assure that one song in particular has immense benefits on stress or anxiety.

This title, released in 2011, is called Weightless and is signed by the British group Marconi Union. Researchers from the British Academy of Sound Therapy carried out a study on forty women, offering them different music, analyzing their heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity and breathing while they had to solve a puzzle in one beat allotted.

While all the songs performed well, one of them was found to be the most effective: Weightless by Marconi Union. Scientists say it: this music reduces anxiety by 65% ​​and causes a decrease in cortisol levels (a hormone secreted in response to physical or emotional stress).

To explain this result, we must look at the basis of the song itself: the song is played around 60BPM, or 60 beats per minute. Unconsciously, the rhythm of the heart is therefore modeled on that of the music. Weightless lasts eight minutes, mixing several instruments with electronics, in a set designed especially for relaxation. For those who want more, there is also a long version of more than... ten hours.

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