MANY of us spend hundreds of pounds each year trying to beautify ourselves.

Whether that be on makeup, keeping in shape at the gym or even going under the knife - improving your appearance can be expensive.

An expert has revealed a simple way of making yourself prettier which won't cost you a penny


An expert has revealed a simple way of making yourself prettier which won't cost you a pennyCredit: Getty

But, one expert has revealed a simple way of making yourself prettier which won't cost you a penny.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Mads Tömörkènyi, a longevity scientist and biomechanics specialist from Denmark, says the secret to being beautiful is in how you breathe.

Breathing solely through the nose can prevent wonky teeth, lazy looking eyes and an elongated face, he said. 

According to the expert, the mouth is only designed for breathing when your nasal passage is constricted by a cold or allergies, other than for eating and speaking.

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When we do breathe from our mouths we overstimulates cheek muscles which can make our faces appear longer, eyes appear droopier and can even change the shape of your nose.

He said nasal breathing - on the other hand - can "change the muscle and tissue structure in the face, which ends up making you look more attractive".

Dr Richard Marques, a Harley Street dentist, added: "The long-term adaptation of nose breathing will aid the muscles in the face and thus support the position of the jaw and formation of straight teeth."

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can be dangerous and puts you at risk of developing serious health conditions.

It rarely has noticeable symptoms and those who are most at risk include older adults and people who are overweight.

One way of reducing high blood pressure is by reducing your stress levels - which can be helped by using breathing deeply through your nose.

"By introducing deep breathing exercises you can help to reduce the surge of stress, which can cause a spike in your blood pressure," Marc Donovan, Chief Pharmacist at Boots, previously told The Sun.

Nasty bugs

Breathing through the nose, can protect against bacteria and pathogens.

Dr Zac Turner, a medical practitioner in Australia, told The Sun: “The beauty of your nose is that it’s perfectly designed to breathe safely. 

“It can filter out foreign particles due to its nasal hairs. It can humidify inhaled air which makes it easier for your lungs to use, and it produces nitric oxide which is a vasodilator. 

“That’s just a scientific way of saying it widens blood vessels to help improve oxygen circulation in your body.

“Your mouth is perfectly designed to eat, drink and talk, but it doesn’t have any of the nifty features your nose has.”

He added: “The way we breathe is linked to everything from how we think and feel to how we relate to the world, and the health and balance of every system in our body.”

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