If you are looking for that best smartwatches for seniors, Here are 7 options packed with features that will no doubt interest you.

If you entered this publication just out of curiosity, NO We’d be surprised if you thought something like this as you read: Why should I buy my grandfather a smartwatch if he doesn’t like tech? As it turns out, these tools have useful features that make caring for the elderly a whole lot easier.

Among the services offered to the elderly we can mention this It helps them know their heart rate and get an alert when it becomes irregular. This would be perfect for people with heart problems.

Smartwatches can also measure blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, etc some allow Know the location in real time. Well and without further ado, the 7 best smartwatches for seniors are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, one of the latest smartwatches that Samsung has launched

We start this list with an old acquaintance of Androidphoria, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. Of all smartwatches it is This is one of the most complete. Because it has a heart rate monitor, it can measure the heart’s electrical impulses and track them via GPS.

It also has sensors to measure the level of oxygen in the bloodblood pressure, a sleep analysis system and an electrocardiogram. The model that supports LTE is worth it €369.90 and the one that works via Bluetooth costs €319.00, both models are available in black, gold and silver.

Google Pixel Watch, one of the best smartwatches for the elderly

Next on the list is the Google Pixel Watch. Like the smartwatch we showed you earlier It also has sensors for measurement heartbeat and the electrical impulses of the heart, but can also measure electrical bioimpedance and is compatible with the GPS network.

The model you will see here is worth it €343.34, works via WiFi and is available in light gray and dark gray, but also You’ll find another model with LTE compatibility that’s worth checking out €569.00 in the same colors.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro, the most complete smartwatch and also the cheapest

If none of the other smartwatches convinced you, you might like the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro. Features that would be perfect for seniors include sleep and stress monitoring, a heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen and a women’s health surveillance system

In addition, it includes the analysis of the PAI index, to which we dedicated a publication some time ago, inactivity warnings and allows anyone who uses it to perform breathing exercises. It is available in the colors black (€68.09) and ivory (€68.40).

Amazfit GTS 4, one of the best alternatives for the elderly due to its high precision GPS

The Amazfit GTS 4 is another good option to consider. This smartwatch has a heart rate sensor, a pedometer and a calorie counter. You can also track sleep and monitor both stress levels and sedentary lifestyle.

In addition, it has a GPS with an accuracy of 99%. It is available in white on Amazon (184.90 €)Rosado (€199.90), Negro (€179.90) and brown (€229.90). Its battery has an autonomy that can last between 8 and 16 days when used in normal mode or in economy mode.

Fitbit Sense 2, the smartwatch for the elderly with the largest number of sensors

Of all the smartwatches you see on this list, it’s no exaggeration to say that the Fitbit Sense 2 It has the largest number of sensors and health monitoring features. Among the many features it offers we can highlight the stress level scanner and a mood monitoring system.

It also has a sleep monitoring and analysis system, sensors to measure blood oxygen and glucose levels, heart rate and heart rhythm, respiratory rate, and many more features. This smartwatch is available in graphite colors (€283.96), aluminum (€298.90) and ivory white (€298.90).

Huawei Watch 4, a smartwatch with automatic fall detection

The Huawei Watch 4 It has features that can be of great help to the elderly. Most notable is the automatic fall detection and the function to make emergency calls.

Of course, it also has heart rate, breathing, stress level meters and a sleep monitor a temperature sensor. It is available in black, its autonomy with daily use is up to 3 days and its cost is €429.00.

HONOR Watch GS3, one of the best smartwatches with greater autonomy

Last but not least, we have the HONOR Watch GS3, which you can get in black color (€210.24), Ocean blue and classic gold (€239.00). Battery life can last up to 14 days, but only 30 hours if GPS tracking remains active.

As for health surveillance, This smartwatch has a heart rate monitor with 97% accuracy and a sensor that measures the level of oxygen in the blood. You can also monitor sleep and stress levels.

We have no doubt that you will be interested in one of these smartwatches if you want to use it to care for an elderly person who lives with you. And you … what do you think? Are there any other smartwatches that you think should be on this list?

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