Walk into room 2037 in Brien McMahon High School and, there, in the back of the room, is what looks alarmingly like a dead body surrounded by yellow caution tape. Of course, it’s not the real body of a teenage girl, but it is startling.

Meanwhile, teacher Sue Quatrella shows her students in principles of biomedical science class how to measure blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing, using a variety of devices. These students will be investigating the mysterious “death” of the “student,” learning the skills of a forensic scientist, one possible career in the health care field.

This is the introductory class to a sequence of courses offered in the McMahon Healthcare Pathway, a rich curriculum that focuses on careers in the health care field, offering hands-on experiences in school, in the field, at Norwalk Community College, and even at Norwalk Hospital.  

“There are a lot of different careers in the medical field, but you really don’t know them,” said junior Aaliyah Flores. “In this program you take part in researching to see all the different options, and you get a vision of what you can become.”

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